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University Of Alabama Satellite Team Offering Virtual Space Lessons

Students at the University of Alabama building a small satellite as part of a NASA program are continuing their outreach efforts to state schools during the COVID-19 pandemic through online lessons. The students in the group called UASpace […]

See How To Understand And See The First Image Of A Black Hole

There has been some amazing science news!  We all got to see the first image of a black hole, and everyone went insane!  Derek Muller from the Veritasium YouTube channel put out […]

Watch Someone Send A Piece Of Garlic Bread Up To The Edge Of Space

So okay, why would anyone send a piece of garlic bread to the edge of space, bring that bread back down to Earth, and then eat it?  Yeah, interesting.  Well, Tom Scott did […]

SpaceX Sent Up A Tesla Roadster With An Astronaut Mannequin Into Space

SpaceX had a great launch this week!  They launched their latest Falcon Heavy rocket with a special surprise.  Elon Musk sent up a Tesla Roadster with a dummy astronaut at the wheel.  The car […]

Did You Know That NASA Needs New Astronauts

Yep, if you ever dreamed of going into space, then you need to learn more about why NASA needs you!  The YouTube channel SciShow Space talks about one of the most important exoplanets we’ve discovered […]

Catch Episode 20 Of The New Screen Savers

Episode 20 of The New Screen Savers is here!  In this episode, Leo Laporte is joined by co-host Rafe Needleman.  In this episode, you get to learn about a victory for dancing babies […]

Watch This Great NASA Documentary Called Suit Up

NASA TV has produced and made a cool documentary called “Suit Up.”  The documentary is about the last 50 years of spacewalks, or extravehicular activity, that started with cosmonaut Alexey Leonov in 1965. […]

Smarter Every Day Is About To Go To Space

Who knew, a red laser can turn off a street light during dusk?  Yes, the Alabama based YouTube channel  SmarterEveryDay is about to go to space!  Destin Sandlin will be doing a series […]

Sunday Discussion: If I Die On Mars

So, for the people who applied to go to Mars, and never come back to Earth, what are their thoughts?  The Guardian interviewed three people who have applied for a trip of a […]

Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity Is Back On YouTube

In May 2013, Astronaut Chris Hadfield from Canada recorded his version of the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” from the International Space Station, it was an instant it!  In one year, the […]

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