Tag: Smarter Every Day Space Series

Smarter Every Day Shows Us The Holes In The International Space Station

Yes, even the International Space Station has holes in them.  No, I don’t mean holes where the astronauts could not live.  The holes/windows give us breathtaking views of Earth, and awesome nighttime […]

Smarter Every Day Shows Us How To Fly A Spaceship To The Space Station

The first video in the Smarter Every Day space series is now here!  In this first video in the series, Destin Sandlin travels to Houston, Texas to NASA and he interviews Astronaut […]

Smarter Every Day Is About To Go To Space

Who knew, a red laser can turn off a street light during dusk?  Yes, the Alabama based YouTube channel  SmarterEveryDay is about to go to space!  Destin Sandlin will be doing a series […]

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