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Why Chick-fil-A Should Invite Mark Meadows To The Leadercast Live Conference


Mark Meadows is the owner/manager of the Chick-fil-A on Highway 280 in the Birmingham Metro.  And he has a great history of helping others who are in need!  For example, during the snowstorm in Alabama on January 2014, he and his employees passed out chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits to drivers stuck in their cars for free!  Since the food was going to go to waste anyways, you might as well pass it out to others, a great gesture!

Now, Mark Meadows has done another great act of kindness, and it went viral again on social media!  A homeless man walked into the 280 Chick-fil-A.  He wanted to work for food, but the manager did something else.  He gave the person a chicken sandwich meal, and since he was cold and had no gloves, he was given a pair of gloves as well!

chick-fil-a-managerA person eating at that Chick-fil-A took a picture of what was happening, and posted it on her Facebook with a caption, it reads.

I’m a Chick-fil-A fan and have been for years. I trust the food for my son and support companies that are founded on Christian beliefs.  What I saw today just confirms why this chain is so successful — God blesses His people.  My son and I were at the location on Highway 280 in Birmingham, AL when a man came in to escape the 35 degree temps and strong winds with all of his earthly possessions strapped to his back.

Most businesses would force him out, but I watched as the manager walked up to him and asked if he could do anything for him. Before the man could even answer, the manager asked if he had a pair of gloves and walked to the table at which he’d been sitting and picked up his own. As he handed the man his gloves, he asked another employee to get him something to eat.  It was wonderful to see your employees being the hands and feet of Jesus, and that my son was able to witness it all. Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is.  Edit: I just learned this man is the owner and that makes it even better IMO.”

And here is a video from FOX 6 with an interview with the owner!

Now, each year there is an event called Leadercast Live.  The one day event takes place in Atlanta each May and it features speakers, leaders, and experienced people.  Basically it’s a one day conference with a lot of inspirational leaders and people!  Up until last year, Chick-fil-A was a partner of the event.  If they are still a partner for the 2015 event, they really should consider inviting Mark Meadows to the Leadercast Live Conference.  And you should also check out some of the speakers Leadercast Live will have this year!


Mark Meadows should be given a chance to speak, even if it’s only for a minute or two, about why being generous and doing the right things is right for Chick-fil-A, or for any company or organization for that matter.  He was already proven that twice with viral stories, and it would be a good fit for Leadercast Live.  Let’s hope Mark Meadows is given the respect that he deserves!  If you want to learn more about Leadercast Live, and their 2015 event The Brave Ones, go to: http://leadercast.com/live

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