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See Alton Brown Tonight In Birmingham On The Alton Brown Live Tour


Who likes Alton Brown?  In my opinion, I think Alton Brown is one of the top geekiest and nerdiest foodies out there!  Alton Brown hosts Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network, which is always interesting as chefs sabotage each other.  Alton Brown also hosted Good Eats on the network, which is easily one of the best shows on the channel, too bad it’s not being made anymore.  And now, Alton Brown has launched a YouTube channel, and his videos are very geeky, and cool.  Here’s one below!

And now, Alton Brown is on tour in what he is calling Alton Brown Live – The Edible Inevitable Tour.  The two hour show is a unique blend of stand up comedy, food experimentation, talk show antics, multimedia lecture, live music, puppets, and more!  In fact, Mr. Brown is already in Birmingham enjoying some donuts from Heavenly Donuts.

So, want to see Alton Brown tonight in Birmingham?  You can!  The Alton Brown Live tour is in Birmingham tonight at the BJCC Concert Hall.  The show starts at 7:30 pm and is one night only on Thursday October 23rd.  You can buy tickets by clicking here!

If you want to learn more about the tour, go to: http://www.altonbrowntour.com/

And just for fun, I am including two videos from a segment in the tour, this was recorded one year ago, so will be in the tour now, we will see!

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