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Why The DeKalb County Superintendent Was Wrong Denying Students To Go See Selma


The movie “Selma” is doing very well!  And I have seen the movie, and will put out a review Monday on MLK Day, kind of appropriate if you ask me.  But, one school official up in DeKalb County is causing quite a stir.  Superintendent Hugh Taylor of DeKalb County Schools denied a request for the Collinsville High School history club to go see the movie Selma in Gadsden.  The reason, because the movie had two F-words and 26 derogatory terms for African-Americans.  At least that is what the website Kids In Mind said.

When the article came out, over 500 people have left comments about this decision, and most are going against the superintendent.  Now, weather forced the county schools to delay opening two hours this morning, and the club would not be able to go see the movie anyways because of the weather delay.  But, I believe this is censorship you still see within a few people in the South.  The folks who only believes movies based on God’s words are worth sending school students too.  For example, if the history club was going to see “The Passion of the Christ”, I am sure the superintendent would have approved it.  Selma is a very historical event in Alabama, and history students should have gone to see it.

The main issue from the superintendent was the filthy language.  Sorry, I am sure every teenager knows what the F-word is.  The superintendent also wanted to be good stewards of taxpayer money.  I mean, sending 50 kids down to Gadsden on a school bus was not going to cost a lot of money.  And I think the students were going to buy the movie tickets themselves.  If other school districts around the country are allowing students as young as elementary school age to go see Selma, I am sure high school students in Alabama can see the movie.  I guess this is what happens when most government officials are elected in Alabama, including the superintendent’s job in DeKalb County.

If I was the superintendent, I would have sent a letter to the parents asking if it was okay for the students to see Selma, and I am sure just about all the parents would have said yes.  If the issue was a couple of F-bombs, I can’t see any issue with it.  Back when I was in high school, we got to see “Saving Private Ryan” in the high school classroom, and it had a couple of F-words in it as well.  The teacher sent home a letter asking for parent’s approval before we could see the movie, and every parent said yes.  The movie had plenty of historical value, since we were seeing it in a history class.  And if students can see Saving Private Ryan with no issue, I am sure students can see Selma with no issue as well!

What if the football team wanted to see “Remember The Titans” before going to play in the big game?  Or the English club wanting to see or read “To Kill A Mockingbird”, which used to be banned in a lot of places, even in Alabama.  Seriously, a high school student is not going to start doing bad things after hearing the F-word in Selma.  Students needs to realize what the real world really is, and yes it includes students hearing cuss words including the F-word.  I hope the parents, or the students themselves will go see “Selma.”  And maybe the superintendent will re-consider, especially when Selma comes out on DVD.  And you bet the studios will release an edited version of Selma without the cuss words and sex sounds.  Will that be allowed to be shown in DeKalb County, I hope so!

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