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Good News Fridays: Talking About Alex From Target

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This week, the geek/nerd and internet world has been talking mostly about one thing, #alexfromtarget.  And I find weird, because one kid who works at Target as a cashier, had his photo taken and posted on Twitter, and soon the picture went viral, and Alex became an internet celebrity.  Here is the original photo from Alex Lee’s Twitter account.

After the photo was taken, many people on the internet, especially women who like hot guys, retweeted the photo on Twitter, and Alex became an overnight internet sensation.  After Alex went viral, The Ellen DeGeneres Show contacted Alex to be on her show, and even tweeted to Alex.

And a few days later, Alex was on the Ellen Show.

To keep the internet meme going into overdrive.  Even Alex’s employer, Target, got into the game with their tweet.

Some say this whole Alex From Target thing was all a marketing stunt.  And while some companies have come out saying this whole thing was a marketing stunt, Alex and Target have said that this whole internet meme was not a marketing stunt.  Even if it was not a marketing stunt, I think the internet could be spending their time doing something better than sharing a guy who looks hot.  And yes, I think Alex’s 15 seconds of fame will soon be coming to an end, and that might be a good thing.

You see, many people who become suddenly famous when they are young eventually does something stupid.  You know what I mean, a famous young person does drugs, or gets a DUI, or hurts someone else, and so on.  I keep on thinking that the internet, and many live TV talk shows, like to milk that really popular internet meme, instead of doing something important, like showcasing people beating cancer, or someone who saves animals who are about to be put to death at a shelter, and so on.

I think talk shows, and the internet should spend more time making society a better place, instead of sharing something that will go nowhere, and that is what will happen with the Alex From Target thing, it will soon die off, and people will move on to the next hot person, who looks good.  When I say the internet needs to share something better, here is an example.  National Guard solider John Vorrath flew 22 hours back home to Iowa, to see his newborn baby, wife, and son.  Now, this is something that should go super viral, like this Alex For Target thing.

If Target was super smart, they would use Alex Lee for their commercials, since so many people love him.  If the fame sticks around for Alex From Target, I hope Alex will use his fame wisely, and not blow it by doing something stupid.  And as this Twitter user included on her profile, the internet needs to stop making stupid people famous, and actually care about people who needs to be talked about.

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