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Sunday Discussion: Bill Gates On Finding A Vaccine For COVID-19, The Economy, And Returning To ‘Normal Life’

In this Coronavirus pandemic, one of the people I respect highly is Bill Gates.  And Bill Gates gave this amazing interview to Ellen Degeneres on her daytime show.  Below, see what Bill […]

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Watch Steve Spangler’s Biggest Experiment Yet On The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show loves science as well, and they invited Steve Spangler onto the show again to show some more experiments.  In the video below, you see shooting shirts out of a plastic […]

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Good News Fridays: Talking About Alex From Target

This week, the geek/nerd and internet world has been talking mostly about one thing, #alexfromtarget.  And I find weird, because one kid who works at Target as a cashier, had his photo […]

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The Top Gangnam Style Parodies

The song “Gangnam Style” from the Korean pop singer Park Jae-sang or PSY has been a huge hit!  The music video on YouTube has over 230 million views.  The video was originally intended as […]

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