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Why Dressing Up For Halloween Is Illegal In Alabama, Plus Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


This is one of those weird laws in the State of Alabama, and if you dress up for Halloween, you might be breaking the law!  In Alabama, there is a law in the Alabama Code 13A-11-9, under “Loitering”, that will surprise you!  A person commits the crime of loitering if he, being masked, loiters, remains, or congregates in a public place.  That’s right, if you wear a mask, or wear something on your face on Halloween, you are breaking the law in Alabama!  There is another crazy law in Alabama that also applies to Halloween.  Section 13A-14-4 of the Alabama Code says that, “Fraudulently pretending to be clergyman” will get you arrested and fined.  So, if you dress up as a priest, you can be arrested, crazy stuff!

So, if you are in Alabama, and are now looking for some alternative Halloween costumes so you don’t break the law, I have five YouTube videos showing you some last-minute Halloween costumes.  Enjoy those videos below, and don’t break the law!

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