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See Pictures From Trick Or Treat On Main Street 2019

It was delayed until the Saturday after Halloween, but still many people came out for Trick Or Treat On Main Street 2019 in downtown Oxford, Alabama. I was the only media source […]

See Video And Pictures From Halloween At Glenwood Terrace 2019

The rain left the area in plenty of time, but it was very cold and windy.  Despite this, that did not stop a lot of people from coming out and trick-or-treating during […]

Come Out To Halloween At Glenwood Terrace Trick-Or-Treating 2019

There was some concern that Halloween night 2019 would be a massive rainout.  But now, the forecast looks like it will be dry, but cold and windy.  So, Halloween At Glenwood Terrace […]

Good News Fridays: Last Minute Alabama Halloween Costumes

Are you still looking for your last minute Halloween costume?  And do you also live in Alabama?  Good news, the folks from This Is Alabama came up with some very creative last […]

Pictures And Video From Halloween On Glenwood Terrace 2018

On Wednesday night, thousands and thousands of people walked down Glenwood Terrace and enjoyed getting candy from many of the decorated houses on the street!  Many kids and adults were dressed in […]

Watch Good Mythical Morning Share Their DIY Trendy 2018 Halloween Costumes

We are under 24 hours until Halloween night and trick-or-treating.  If you still don’t have a costume yet, you have to make something quick!  Luckily, the folks from Good Mythical Morning made […]

Watch The Dogs From Gone To The Snow Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes

I love it when the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has their Siberian Huskies try on Halloween costumes.  This year, the costumes include a shark, and a cat on a […]

See Pictures And A Video From Trick Or Treat On Main Street 2018

Thousands of people came out for Trick Or Treat On Main Street 2018 in downtown Oxford, Alabama.  I was the only media source at this event, so this is the only place you […]

See Pictures From Neewollah On Noble 2018

People came out for Neewollah On Noble 2018 in downtown Anniston, Alabama.  Below are pictures from this event! You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, Google Photos, and on Flickr too!

Come Out To Halloween At Glenwood Terrace Trick-Or-Treating 2018

Once again for 2018, this annual tradition every Halloween is back where Geek Alabama comes out to the Glenwood Terrace neighborhood in East Anniston and takes plenty of pictures and video of […]

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