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Why You Should Not Worry About The Antares Rocket Explosion


Last night, America saw a rocket explode on live TV.  And sadly, we lost a lot of science equipment, more than 1,600 pounds of equipment to be exact.  Some of the science stuff lost included student experiments, a human health study, and equipment to study meteors. The Antares Rocket had more than 5,000 pounds of supplies onboard for the International Space Station.  And after you watch this video below, it would be like America blew up, literary!

And here is a video from 3,000 feet up in the air!

The explosion happened six seconds after launch.  And NASA is investigating the accident.  The rocket was being launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, and something went wrong right after take off.  So, someone in NASA pushed the disable or panic button, and the rocket came crashing back down.  The launchpad also suffered some major damage and it will be a while before it can be used again.  The rocket was an Antares Rocket designed by Orbital Sciences Corporation.  And don’t worry, another ship launched from Russia and is delivering supplies to the ISS, so the people up there will not go hungry!

The science experiments lost on the rocket were mostly from school students ranging from elementary school to universities.  Even an experiment from Gadsden State was on the failed rocket.  But, the good news is everyone is going get to try again, and those experiments will be on a different rocket.  And for the ones who say, we are wasting money going to space, I have got something to say to you!  Science is always full of hits and misses.  Most of the time, people are very successful in science, but sometimes something goes wrong in science, and we learn from those mistakes.

Science also requires an incredible amount of research and development.  Unmanned rockets are made with the same safety requirements as rockets and shuttles with people on them.  Science is a hard and difficult thing for people, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get the right results.  Sometimes in science, a mistake will happen.  People learn from those mistakes, and try again and get it right!  Yes, it takes money to do science, and get it right, but I think the people will investigate, learn what went wrong, and do it again, the right way!

Science is making the human race smarter and better prepared.  The students with those experiments onboard are going to get to try again, and NASA has already confirmed that those students will get their experiments into space.  And the private firms will figure out what went wrong, and they will try again.  Science is cool, mistakes in science happens, but we learn from them, and going to space is not a huge waste of money, it’s cool!

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