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The Evening Post: We Need To Talk About Diversity in Science

How can we make science more diverse?  The guys from ASAP Science talks about how to make science and STEM more accessible to minorities and women.  This is an interesting watch.

Watch And Learn Five Science Backed Barbecue Tips

We love to barbecue in the south, and if you ever wanted to learn some science behind barbecue, this is for you!  SciShow gives you five science backed tips about barbecuing.  If […]

Different Hobbies That Could Bring Out A New Side Of You

Life isn’t just about getting to work, earning your keep, leaving, getting home, and then doing it all over again the following day. It’s to be enjoyed to the best of our […]

See How To Understand And See The First Image Of A Black Hole

There has been some amazing science news!  We all got to see the first image of a black hole, and everyone went insane!  Derek Muller from the Veritasium YouTube channel put out […]

Smarter Every Day Shows You Why Laminar Flow Is Awesome

Most of us will never think about the science behind Laminar Flow.  But, if you watch the YouTube channel Smarter Every Day, you know that Destin Sandlin loves science, and his latest […]

See Why Playing Video Games Do Not Make You Violent

Ah politicians love to blame other things than the real causes when a mass shooting happens.  One thing that always comes up is video games.  I mean, even The White House believes […]

Watch Someone Send A Piece Of Garlic Bread Up To The Edge Of Space

So okay, why would anyone send a piece of garlic bread to the edge of space, bring that bread back down to Earth, and then eat it?  Yeah, interesting.  Well, Tom Scott did […]

View Two Awesome Solar Eclipse Videos

Over a month ago, the Great American Eclipse dazzled millions across America.  And two of the top YouTube science channels covered it!  The first video from the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay and Destin Sandlin […]

Watch Steve Spangler’s Biggest Experiment Yet On The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show loves science as well, and they invited Steve Spangler onto the show again to show some more experiments.  In the video below, you see shooting shirts out of a plastic […]

Watch Bob Pflugfelder’s Science Demonstration On Jimmy Kimmel

This week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bob Pflugfelder was on the show to demonstrate that kids can learn science in very cool ways!  In the video below, you see experiments about  chemical reactions, […]

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