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View Two Awesome Solar Eclipse Videos

Over a month ago, the Great American Eclipse dazzled millions across America.  And two of the top YouTube science channels covered it!  The first video from the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay and Destin Sandlin […]

Check Out This Alabama NASA Scientist On Good Morning America

How about this!  Last week, TJ Holmes went to Huntsville and surprised Trent Griffin.  They got him early in the morning, blindfolded him, and took him to the US Space and Science […]

Go On A Tour Of The International Space Station With Smarter Every Day

Do you want to know what is inside the International Space Station?  You are in luck, because the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay has done a video showing you what is inside the ISS.  Well, not […]

Music Thursdays: Chris Hadfield / Space Sessions

We all fell in love with Chris Hadfield when he went up to the International Space Station, and did a wonderful version of the David Bowie song “Space Oddity.”  If you have not […]

Smarter Every Day Talks About Why The SpaceX Explosions Are A Good Thing

The latest episode of the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay talks about why the SpaceX explosions are a good and wonderful thing.  As Destin Sandlin says, think about this?  NASA would rather have failures of unmanned […]

Watch This Great NASA Documentary Called Suit Up

NASA TV has produced and made a cool documentary called “Suit Up.”  The documentary is about the last 50 years of spacewalks, or extravehicular activity, that started with cosmonaut Alexey Leonov in 1965. […]

Smarter Every Day Shows Us The Holes In The International Space Station

Yes, even the International Space Station has holes in them.  No, I don’t mean holes where the astronauts could not live.  The holes/windows give us breathtaking views of Earth, and awesome nighttime […]

Smarter Every Day Shows Us How To Fly A Spaceship To The Space Station

The first video in the Smarter Every Day space series is now here!  In this first video in the series, Destin Sandlin travels to Houston, Texas to NASA and he interviews Astronaut […]

Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity Is Back On YouTube

In May 2013, Astronaut Chris Hadfield from Canada recorded his version of the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” from the International Space Station, it was an instant it!  In one year, the […]

Why You Should Not Worry About The Antares Rocket Explosion

Last night, America saw a rocket explode on live TV.  And sadly, we lost a lot of science equipment, more than 1,600 pounds of equipment to be exact.  Some of the science […]

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