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Animation Monday: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

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On this Animation Monday, I am reviewing the new movie in the My Little Pony franchise called My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.  This is the second movie in the Equestria Girls franchise and for the second movie, I really thought it was good, I would check it out if you are an animation fan.  So far, most other people who have reviewed it have said the same thing.  So below, I am going into details about the movie, as always, SPOILER ALERT!


The movie focuses on The Dazzlings, or Sirens, who were banished from Equestria and are teenage girls in the human world.  The three girls, who were dragon creatures in Equestria, at least that is what the book shows in the movie.  The girls use negativity, arguing, and ruined friendships to gain more power through a necklace when they sing.  During the movie, when you see the people angry and arguing, and see the girls singing, you see this fog develop that absorbs into the necklaces, and The Dazzlings just laugh!  Anyways, the plan is for the Sirens to gain enough dark powers to go back to Equestria and take over.

The first part of the movie starts off almost immediately with a rocking song.  Then the counterparts of the Mane Six, without Twilight, notices something different when The Dazzlings come to Canterlot High.  Immediately, The Dazzlings get the students to be negative, and their powers grow.  One thing you notice is Sunset Shimmer is a lot more calmer from the first Equestria Girls, and she is learning more and more about the magic of friendship, at least she is learning, and trying new things.  The dark magic from The Dazzlings does not affect the Mane Six and Sunset Shimmer, and they know something is wrong, so they need to get Twilight Sparkle back, but how?

We then see Equestria, and the new castle for Princess Twilight Sparkle.  When another pony shows up with books, with the top one glowing, the ponies learn that there is still an open portal to the human world.  There is another portal, but it is only open once every 30 months.  Sunset Shimmer can write in a magical book, and Twilight can read what she writes in Equestria.  How to get a portal built you ask, just let Twilight insert some geeky knowledge and a portal was built!  Twilight and Spike goes through the portal and they are back in the human world.

The Mane Six and Sunset Shimmer needs to write a song and perform it that will bring the power of friendship back together and defeat The Dazzlings.  But the sirens see the Mane Six and Sunset Shimmer having some Equestrian magic, so they just order the other students to harass the main cast members, and soon, they begin to lose the magic of friendship.  The school holds a competition called the battle of the bands, and each round, another performer or band is eliminated until The Dazzlings and The Rainbooms are left.  But The Dazzlings open a trap door and The Rainbooms are stuck under the stage.  Then most of the Mane Six loses their magic and this makes The Dazzlings happy!


But Spike did not fall through the trap door, and got DJ Pon-3 to rescue them, and help them perform.  Twilight and Sunset realize that the hostility in their group is preventing Twilight’s spell from working, and they agree to work together. Soon, The Dazzlings are defeated, their necklaces are broken forever.  And the sirens are just plain old teenage girls.  Twilight and Spike now have the ability to return to the human world at any time and return to Equestria, and Sunset Shimmer is now writing Princess Twilight friendship reports through a magical book.  After the credits, we see a human version of Twilight Sparkle and Spike The Dog, you knew they had to be real in the human world, right?

So, after watching the movie, here are some thoughts.  I thought the writing, pacing, and action was much better than the first movie.  The songs were great, and Daniel Ingram did great making the songs and Meghan McCarthy did great writing the movie.  The movie has plenty of jokes and references to the TV show, I really liked the Maud Pie moment in the movie.  And the movie has plenty of great morals and life lessons that anyone can take away.  The lesson, trust your friends, and you will go far!  Yeah, and I noticed Flash Sentry and Twilight trying to hook up, will we see something like that in the TV show, who knows?

Anyways, I hope we will see Sunset Shimmer’s friendship reports in the TV show, and I wonder if we will ever see a human version of Sunset Shimmer in the human world, we got to see a human version of Twilight!  There has been rumors of an Equestrian Academy spinoff for TV, and if you watched the entire movie, you know that this is not the end of Equestria Girls.  I guess we will be seeing another Equestria Girls movie or the start of the TV show coming soon!  But for now, great job from the staff at Hasbro Studios and DHX Media!

If you can’t see the movie in theaters, the DVD comes out on October 28th!  Pre-order through Amazon by clicking here!

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