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Foodie Saturdays: US Vs UK Mountain Dew | Food Wars

Welcome to the Foodie Saturdays segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Foodie Saturdays will feature food related content. We here at Geek Alabama will make foodies out there very happy when […]

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The Evening Post: What’s The Best Mountain Dew Flavor? | Bless Your Rank

Which Mountain Dew flavor is the best one?  Matt from It’s A Southern Thing tries six different Mountain Dew flavors you can find in a 20 oz bottle.  See the taste test […]

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The Evening Post: Mountain Dew Moon Pie Taste Test

So, can you make a Mountain Dew flavor of the classic Moon Pie?  The answer might be yes!  Josh from Mythical Kitchen shows you how to make one, and then tastes it […]

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Check Out This Great Dogs Playing Dungeons And Dragons Painting

Well, if you are a geek or nerd, and have a game room, this might be something you need!  Dogs Playing D&D is a painting by Johannes Grenzfurthner of Austrian art and […]

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Aspie Recipes: Doritos / Mountain Dew Cupcakes

Well, I found a weird recipe online and had to find out if it was good.  And guess what, it was good!  So, what happens when you take Doritos and Mountain Dew, […]

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Congratulations Internet, You Just Brought Back Surge Soda

This is news the BevNerd will be happy about!  Coca-Cola is test marketing the return of Surge, the drink that is like Mountain Dew, and was introduced in the 1990’s, only to […]

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