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The BevNerd Panel at the Alabama Phoenix Festival


One of the panels at the Alabama Phoenix Festival involved Jason Coleman and the BevNerd Video Podcast Network.  Jason works for Buffalo Rock by day and he reviews drinks, snacks, restaurants, and food by night.  On Sunday, Jason did a couple of video podcasts with some great products.  This first video below showcases a couple of famous moments from the podcasts.  It also includes a call to Coca-Cola to tell them to bring back Surge!

Other podcasts from the event will be released soon.  But I have some pictures from these podcasts you will like!  The first podcast will involve the review of the Buffalo Rock product Grapico.  I love my Grapico!

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The second podcast will involve the review of Hannah’s pickled eggs and red hot sausage.  I tried the red hot sausage and after one bite I could not have any more.  The vinegar taste was just too strong!

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Soon, me Nathan Young and Jason Coleman will do a special video together.  It needs to happen because Jason is based in Gadsden and I am based in Anniston.  We talked after the panel and something will be coming soon!  I will let you know on Geek Alabama when it happens!  If you do not follow the BevNerd Video Podcast Network, you should!  To learn more about the BevNerd Network go to:

Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @BevNerd

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Once the videos from the Alabama Phoenix Festival are up, I will post them on Geek Alabama!


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