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View The Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From Smarter Every Day, Homer Simpson, Thunder 92.7


The Ice Bucket Challenge keeps on churning out new videos to raise money and awareness towards ALS research!  And I have three more Ice Bucket Challenge videos that you will enjoy!  The first video from Destin and Smarter Every Day based in Alabama is a slow motion version of the Ice Bucket Challenge and he uses dry ice!  The second video is Homer Simpson doing the challenge, and it ends spectacularly!  And the third video is from Thunder 92.7 in Anniston where the crew did the challenge, I await the Ice Bucket Challenge videos from Chris Wright, Eddy Reese, and Steve and Julie!

And as a reminder, I will do the Ice Bucket Challenge, when someone hires me.  So far, up to 1,207 job rejections and counting.

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