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Enjoy The JibJab Year In Review Video 2014, You Are History!

Each year, JibJab puts out a year-end review video, and 2014 was filled with many weird and wacky stories.  This year, there was the ice bucket challenge, hacks, and much more!  This […]

Enjoy This YouTube Rewind Recap Called Turn Down For 2014

It’s that time of the year again, time for a new YouTube Rewind video!  This year’s video is called Turn Down For 2014, a parody of the song “Turn Down For What.” […]

View The Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Pat Dye, Jimmy Rane

To get everyone pumped up for the football season, by the way War Eagle!  I am posting three more Ice Bucket Challenge videos from some famous Auburn football players.  The first video […]

View The Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From Smarter Every Day, Homer Simpson, Thunder 92.7

The Ice Bucket Challenge keeps on churning out new videos to raise money and awareness towards ALS research!  And I have three more Ice Bucket Challenge videos that you will enjoy!  The […]

View Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From The Gadsden City Band And Anna-Marie Moorer

The ice bucket challenge will just not end, and that is a good thing since millions of dollars is being raised for ALS research.  Now, I have got two more ice bucket […]

Watch The Entire Marching Southerners Band Do The Ice Bucket Challenge

I know, I know.  You have seen plenty of those ice bucket challenge videos, and a lot of them are funny and creative!  But I want to feature one from Jacksonville State […]

Sunday Discussion: Nathan Young’s Ice Bucket Challenge

First off, I have enjoyed a little time away from the computer, mostly to reflect and do some job searching.  Even though I did not post anything for a few days, I […]

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