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Watch Smarter Every Day Show You How Weed Eaters Work In Slow Motion

This is the Alabama version of The Stig from Top Gear, y’all!  Destin from Smarter Every Day shows us how weed eaters work.  Watch below to see how the string from the […]

Watch Smarter Every Day Talk About The Not Forgotten Project 2015

Destin Sandlin from SmarterEveryDay is back in Peru where he is helping the charity Not Forgotten during the 2015 Project for Awesome!  With the money raised, an orphanage in Peru has been built and a car to […]

Let Smarter Every Day Show You The Secret of Snapping Spaghetti

Yum! Spaghetti is one of those foods from Italy that has many, many fans!  And Destin Sandlin from the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay wanted to find out the secrets to snapping pasta.  So, he got several […]

Help Smarter Every Day And Not Forgotten During The Project For Awesome 2014

On Friday, Geek Alabama talked about the Project For Awesome 2014!  And now, the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay, based in Alabama, is wanting me and you to help them win more money for the […]

Need To Know How To Pick A Cologne / Let Smarter Every Day Help You

Destin Sandlin from the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay conducted an experiment for the last six months, and this video is especially for all the men out there!  Destin tested 44 different colognes on his wife to […]

Watch The Amazing Hummingbird Feeding Video From Smarter Every Day

Wow, does SmarterEveryDay put out some great videos!  In their latest video, Destin Sandlin travels to Ramona in Grant, Alabama, where she has a lot of hummingbird feeders around her house.  Then, Destin takes […]

Come To The Random Acts of Intelligence Show This Friday In Huntsville

Smarter Every Day is bringing us a great show that you should attend this Friday at the US Space and Rocket Center.  Plus, if you like C.G.P. Grey, Numberphile, Minute Physics, and Veritasium, you […]

Smarter Every Day Shows Us How Tattoo Removal Works

The YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay shows us how to remove a tattoo from the body.  In this video, you get animations on how applying a tattoo to the skin works, and how a tattoo is […]

Smarter Every Day Shows Us The Art Of Tattooing In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay based in Alabama has brought us something to cringe at!  Destin went to a tattoo parlor in North Alabama and asked them to show us how they tattoo someone, in […]

View The Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From Smarter Every Day, Homer Simpson, Thunder 92.7

The Ice Bucket Challenge keeps on churning out new videos to raise money and awareness towards ALS research!  And I have three more Ice Bucket Challenge videos that you will enjoy!  The […]

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