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Animation Monday: Why I Love Seeing Cartoon Characters Petrified And Mind Controlled

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On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday.  One thing I love seeing while watching cartoons is seeing the characters in trouble!  What I mean when I say I like seeing the characters in trouble, I like seeing the cartoon characters freezing or being placed under mind control, I know, weird right!  But that is what I like seeing!  When a cartoon character on any cartoon or anime petrifies into a stone statue, freezes in ice, freezes into place, is turned into other animals, and more, it is cool to watch.  I also like seeing cartoon characters minds being taken over and controlled, yep, I am weird when it comes to cartoons!

So in this infographic presentation, I talk about why I love seeing cartoon characters being frozen or mind controlled.  I give my thoughts about what it’s like for someone who is frozen or mind controlled.  And I give some advice to the animators and artists for drawing someone frozen, the right way!  It took a lot of time to get this right, so enjoy!

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