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Animation Monday: The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle Trailer

This week, let’s feature a new trailer for yet another classic cartoon reboot.  I guess every classic cartoon is going to be rebooted at this point.  Dreamworks is about to release a […]

Animation Monday: Welcoming National Cartoon Day

As some of you may know, I really love watching cartoons!  I had a very rough childhood where I was abused quite often.  I was kicked, punched, bullied, and locked away in […]

Animation Monday: Super Science Friends

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, let’s talk about a new online animated series where it’s first episode is now out!  The series is called Super Science Friends, and it’s nothing […]

Animation Monday: True Tail Pilot Animatic

This week on Animation Monday, I wanted to feature a full pilot to a new cartoon, all in animatic style!  An animatic is an animated storyboard that has correct timing and camera […]

Animation Monday: View My 21 Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons

I am going to be away for half of this week making a lot of videos to be uploaded!  So for now, enjoy one of my viral presentations called 21 Life Lessons From […]

Animation Monday: The New Inspector Gadget

Well, we are living in a world where classic cartoons are being rebooted.  If Ducktales can be rebooted for Disney, I guess Inspector Gadget was due for a reboot too.  If you […]

Animation Monday: Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil / Penn Zero: Part Time Hero

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I wanted to talk about the two newest cartoons on DisneyXD.  Both Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil and Penn Zero: Part Time Hero have premiered, and […]

Animation Monday: My 15 Best Cartoons I Have Watched So Far Presentation

Yes, I am an avid cartoon and animation fan, and enjoy watching plenty of cartoons on Saturday morning, and most of the time for that matter!  But, some people have asked me […]

Animation Monday: Phantom Power, Sausage, Looper, La Detente, All I’m Saying

This week on Animation Monday, I am featuring a few more animated short films and animated music videos that were a joy to watch! Phantom Power The Vimeo channel Persistent Peril takes you on […]

Why DreamWorks Animation Needs A Buyer And Fast

So, late last week, there was talk that Hasbro was looking into buying DreamWorks Animation.  When the news broke, the stock price for DreamWorks rose, while the stock price for Hasbro fell. […]

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