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Animation Monday: Doctor Lollipop On Cartoon Hangover

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Are you looking for a twisted Red Riding Hood story that involves a T-Rex, a talking wolf, a talking raccoon, and a pink unicorn who is a physician, then this video is for you!  Doctor Lollipop is a unicorn physician who has to take drastic measures to save a T-Rex from digesting talking animals and people who are still alive inside his stomach.  Yep, the T-Rex stomach was filled to the brim and overflowing with candy and characters from fairy tales.

Doctor Lollipop has to call in a lumberjack person named Doctor Woodsman to cut open the T-Rex’s stomach, this makes the animals happy!  The unicorn and the lumberjack loves to get medical and when Dr. Woodsman makes the first cut and hears sounds from coming inside the stomach, this scares him.  Doctor Lollipop then uses a super magical rainbow kick to save the people inside the stomach.  I liked how Doctor Lollipop handed the T-Rex some pamphlets about not eating talking animals, like that is going to happen!

Doctor Lollipop also loves to make a grand entrance, and it’s funny too!  This cartoon is a mixed up, grown up version of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  But all fans of animation should enjoy this cartoon!  The cartoon is created and written by Kelly Martin, who is a an expert on unicorn physicians.  The cartoon was directed by Aliki Grafft.  I think you will like this short cartoon, enjoy!

And here is a behind the scenes video with interviews and some deleted scenes!

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