The Hat Trick Of Government Corruption Is Now Complete In Alabama

Ah, today was yet another horrible and embarrassing black eye in the history of the Alabama government.  Ever since the state of Alabama became a state in 1819, and especially since the adoption of the constitution of 1901, the longest and most corrupt constitution in the world, Alabama has seen it’s share of politicians of both parties and from all branches of government get charged and convicted of corruption charges, or resign before they go to jail, the easy way out.

Today, Robert Bentley took the easy way out and resigned his governor post.  Before he resigned, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges.  Sure, he will have to pay back his campaign funds, pay some fines, forgive his retirement money which is a HUGE blow, and serve some community service, but Robert Bentley took the easy way out.  He should have spent some time in our beautiful and well run state prison system.  I’m being sarcastic there, our state prisons are horrible!

He even had the guts to “thank” the people for being their leader of the state.  Glad you are outta here Bentley!

In the past year, the leaders of all three branches of state government have been removed from office.  It’s the hat trick of government corruption!  Some legislators were saying states like New York and New Jersey have had corruption governors removed before.  Yes, most states have had to remove a corrupt leader before, not every person is clean as they say when they were running for office.  But never before the speaker of the state house, the chief justice of the state supreme court, and the governor have all been removed because of corruption, in the same term, and all within a one year period.  It has never happened before in any state!

I’m sitting here watching the local news and I hear state leaders say things like “the future is bright in Alabama”, or “the worst is behind us.”  And I think to myself, what a horrible thing to say!  We continue to have leaders in our state government be corrupt or do things based on how much money they receive.  It was a big problem when the Democrats were in power in Montgomery, and now it’s a big problem with the Republicans in power now.  But hey, quit blaming the legislators, judges, and government officials for the problems in Montgomery, we need to start blaming ourselves.

Most people in Alabama will either vote via party lines or vote for the person who says they are for “family values”, or say they are a good “Christian person”, or say they will keep “government small” and “keep taxes low.”  You know what I mean, we see these people in every election cycle.  And these people who say these things are mostly the ones who always gets in trouble with the law and become corrupt inside state government.  Until we QUIT voting for these idiots, the cycle of corruption and wrongdoing will continue!  We can’t continue to keep voting for Darth Vader, right?

We can’t keep saying “thank God for Mississippi” anymore!  Alabama has the third highest unemployment rate in America.  We have a state prison system that is in shambles.  We have a Medicaid crisis where people can’t afford to see a doctor.  We have infrastructure that is crumbling with no funds to fix it.  We have schools that are rapidly declining with horrible math and reading scores.  We have hardly any mental health services or a good court system.  I can go on and on with the problems Alabama is facing, it’s not good!

Every year something stupid comes into the news from Montgomery, from the Luv Gov, to HB 56 which scared many people, to a current bill that would install “ransomware” onto all phones and computers to stop porn (who comes up with these things?)  The people in Montgomery continue to propose and pass stupid things that causes Alabama to be embarrassed in the worldwide media yet again, or yet another government official becomes corrupt, or we have to spend taxpayer money defending bills that are unconstitutional,  it’s a neverending cycle that seems like it never wants to end!  It’s like our leaders in Montgomery has money to burn baby!

How about doing something different for a change?  How about reforming our archaic 1901 tax structure?  How about maybe raising the property taxes from being dead last in America so we can properly fund education?  Yes, that means quit listening to those so called lobbyists from ALFA Insurance and Alabama Power.  How about allowing us to vote on a statewide lottery so we can quit seeing millions leave the state?  Yes, that means quit listening to the Business Council of Alabama for a change.  How about requiring insurance companies to pay for Autism therapy like 46 other states already do?  Yes, that means kicking the bums from Blue Cross / Blue Shield out of the state house.  I can go on and on about things to improve Alabama!

And how about something radical, like making marijuana legal?  Yet, you clowns in Montgomery will continue to listen to those churches who those attending have to listen to politics instead of preaching from the Bible.  Alabama will continue this cycle of being dead last in everything, having multiple government officials being corrupt, and being embarrassed almost every day in the national and worldwide media.  This has to stop, and soon!  We are now in a worldwide economy, and everyday this continues, Alabama loses!  It’s like Willy Wonka telling us “You Lose” every single day!

If you people living in Alabama wants to change this, there is only one thing to do, vote for someone else!  Vote for the person in the other party you don’t like, vote against the person who praises “family values”, or is a so-called “True Christian.”  Don’t believe the person who says they are for “small government” and “lower taxes.”  Those sayings means people are harmed and we have to rely on the federal government for funding.  I wonder how long that lasts with Trump in the White House?

Until we do that, we will continue to see self-centered, racist, greedy, corrupt, selfish, and bigot government leaders.  And in our world today, having people like that serving in our government means we lose!  I want to win!  We can’t keep welcoming people to Sweet Home Alabama for much longer if we stay corrupt and stupid!


GeekNerdPoly Episode 5: It’s A Freefall In Alabama


Hooray, everything is falling apart in Alabama, awesome!  Driver License offices are closing, state parks are closing, state services are being cut, and nothing is being done to reform our stupid and outdated tax codes, that’s Alabama for you!  In episode 5 of GeekNerdPoly, I talk about things falling apart across Alabama, and the best is yet to come!

Enjoy A Great Alabama Vacation Guide For The Upcoming Labor Day Holiday


UPDATE: This post is written by Calhoun County Insight.  Learn more at:

It’s not often that a three-day weekend comes along without a whole lot of fibbing about illness and funerals, and we aim to help make sure that this Labor Day weekend you’re able to make the most of the official time off with your friends, family and yourself. What better way to spend those precious 72 hours than touring your very own state?

Alabama has a lot to offer for vacationers, and most spots worth visiting are close enough to make it there in only a few hours, meaning more time at the beach, in the mountains or enjoying the city. Take a look at our top five Alabama destinations and get out there!

Mt. Cheaha State Park –

With gorgeous views, fine dining and several ways to stay on the mountain, Mt. Cheaha State Park is a versatile, beautiful option. Visitors can stay in the Cheaha Resort Hotel, rough it on the campgrounds or, our personal favorite, lodge in one of the park’s mountainside cabins. It’s a very romantic destination for couples or for when you just want to get away from it all for a while.

Gulf Shores –

If you’re looking for fun and sun, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are the spot for activities and taking a dip in the ocean. Visitors can swim, fish, take a boat out for a spin, zip-line and even get in a game of golf, all without leaving Alabama. There’s more than just partying and playing, though; check out the Alabama Civil War Trail for history about battles for the bay and visit Fort Morgan, where the Confederacy stood guard by the sea.

Montgomery –

Montgomery has some of everything, whether you’re looking for sports, history, family activities or cultural touchstones like art and theatre. Take the kids to the Montgomery Zoo to feed giraffes by hand, ride paddleboats and meet lions up close, and then visit Tuskegee to learn about the famous airmen at the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site or head to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts to see Southern art and international works that span centuries.

Fort Payne –

Country music has a home base in Fort Payne, where the country supergroup Alabama got their start taking over the radio for more than three decades. Visit the Alabama Fan Club and Museum to see authentic artifacts from the band, and then check out Fort Payne’s train depot museum to learn more about life on the rails in historic ‘Bama. Top it off with a stroll through nature at the Little River Canyon Center’s trails.

Birmingham –

Birmingham has it all: parks, zoos, kids’ museums, and walking tours of city history. The McWane Science center lets kids see dinosaurs up close and find out how to do a weather newscast, or lay on a bed of nails (don’t worry, it’s safe!), while Splash Adventure Waterpark will keep the whole family cool. Stop by the Birmingham Museum of Art for incredible artwork from throughout history (including beautiful Renaissance works) or visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to learn about the role Birmingham played in the civil rights movement. Not least of all, check out the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame to get your groove back.

Be sure to be safe out there, and let us know how your trip goes this Labor Day!

Five Preschool Shows The People In The Alabama Legislature Should Watch


Congrats Alabama Legislature!  You are wrapping up a special session, and did almost nothing!  Nope, you either sat on your butts, whined, argued, or never compromised.  And the results, no General Fund budget, no lottery bill, no revenue bills, and nothing passed except for a few local bills.  But hey, you can go back to your district and tell everyone that you did not raise taxes.  Who cares about what harm that would cause in this state, people hate government!

So in this post, I am going to encourage our legislators to sit down, cool off, and learn a few things they apparently forgot while they were little kids.  Things like sharing, making friends, compromising, not stealing, and doing the right thing, are things you should have learned while in preschool!  Sadly, those lessons somehow have left their brains, and they need to put back in their brains.  I want you legislators to sit down and watch a few episodes of these five preschool shows below before you go back to your second special session.  Wasting taxpayer money on nothing is not fun!

Peg + Cat


Why this show?  It teaches you a lot about math, and how numbers add up the right way!  You legislators have problems with adding up numbers, I see this in the news all the time!  Who cares if the numbers are wrong, or these numbers would result in people being harmed, let’s just pass it and go home.  You need a few lessons in math, and understanding that low numbers means you need to add new numbers, or new revenue sources!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates


Why this show?  Well other than the good lessons, it’s based in the Peter Pan world.  You know, pirates stealing everything, kind of like what you are doing legislature!  You need to understand this clowns down in Montgomery, stealing from the poor while the rich barely pays anything does not work!  And you need to understand basic tax and money structure, a show like this should be required watching!

Dora the Explorer


Why this show?  Well you learn a lot about picking things out, but the other good part is you learn about different cultures and things.  Alabama has had a major problem with other cultures, from blacks being beaten, to passing a bill harming Latinos.  Watching a show like Dora will show you that people of different cultures and beliefs are not evil people.  And why not mix things up, and quit screwing the poor and vulnerable for a change?

Barney and Friends


Why this show?  Boy do you people down in the state house need to watch this one!  Apparently you have problems with sharing, agreeing on things, or even compromising on bills.  A show like Barney will show you why it’s important to share, why it’s important to agree with others, and why it’s so important to compromise, even if you don’t like some things.  See, sharing and caring can be cool!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


Why this Show?  Well many kids and adults watch this show!  And this show has plenty of lessons you people in Montgomery needs to learn about!  Being friends with others is a good thing, even if your friends are in a different party, or have different beliefs!  You all have problems down there being friends, or if you are friends, sorting out differences!  Yep, you all down in the state house needs to watch this show!

So clowns in Montgomery?  What is it going to take to get you all to quit standing on your high horse and do something for the good of Alabama?  If this does not work, we are doomed!  Or the people are doomed because most of us elected these weirdos in the first place!

The Alabama Legislature And Del Marsh Apparently Does Not Care About Mental Health


May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, and with the way things are going, the state of Alabama is going to celebrate by cutting mental health funding even more, and pretty much screwing all who needs mental health help, or has an intellectual disability.  On Tuesday, the Alabama House passed the doomsday budget that has major and backbreaking cuts.  The budget cuts would cut mental heath 5 percent, on top of the 40 percent already cut since 2007.  When state funding is cut, it will also mean federal matching dollars are also cut.  So that 5 percent cut is almost like a 15 to 20 percent cut.

Everyone from Mental Health Commissioner Jim Reddoch to Terry Prezent, the Executive Director of The Arc of Alabama have said these new cuts will pretty much devastate mental health services in Alabama.  I mean, if around $100 million is cut on top of the budget cuts already made, how can mental health and intellectual disability services operate in Alabama?  It pretty much can’t!  People like me, who has Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism, are very productive members of society, but our legislature is like The Grinch, who steals all the Christmas presents, and hears the cries from the Who’s in Whoville, but instead of having The Grinch’s heart grow three times as big, it shrinks three times smaller, and The Grinch sells those Christmas presents on the Whoville black market.  It’s that bad!


Here are some facts about mental health that you need to know, before our legislature thumbs their noses and votes yes on these major budget cuts.  The national average for waiting for mental health service is 11 months; it’s much longer in Alabama.  Alabama is dead last in what it invests in the developmentally disabled community.  And Alabama provides no services for those with autism or Asperger’s.  Yep, zip, nada, nothing!  This could be a big reason why I am still sitting here unemployed with Asperger’s and living in Alabama.  There is basically nothing to help those on the Autism spectrum, and you are stuck living with relatives, being homeless, being in jail, or being in a stuck pattern with nothing to do.

All of the warnings about the up to $100 million budget cuts to mental health have had no impact on the legislature sadly.  Governor Robert Bentley has proposed several revenue increases to prevent the budget cuts, none of them have come up in committee.  The Alabama House also had some revenue increases being proposed, but none has come up to a vote.  Meanwhile, over in the Alabama Senate, leader Del Marsh is proposing a lottery and expanding gambling in Alabama.  You know how it is in Alabama, people are deeply Christian and they are being sermoned by their church pastors about how a lottery and expanded gambling will be bad for Alabama and their faith.  The chances of expanding gambling and lottery passing the legislature are small, and even smaller if we get to vote for it.

giphy (1)

So, who can I talk too so I can at least try to get in their head and brains, and maybe re-wire it so he can think about what these major budget cuts would have on Alabama, let’s talk to Senate leader Del Marsh!  Del Marsh is one who thinks Alabama will allow a lottery and gambling, and if I get a chance to vote for it, I would vote YES!  That is, if we even get a chance to vote on this.  Several people are starting to put the blame on Del Marsh for not listening to the people who are crying wolf about these major budget cuts.  I mean, even Mike Hubbard, who is facing corruption charges, even proposed tax increases, that is how bad the general fund budget deficit is!

These general fund cuts will have serious consequences not only to mental health, but also to prisons, Medicaid, Human Resources, youth services, and anything else not education in Alabama.  And the state cuts to mental health are not the only bad impact.  Did you know that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama pays a lot less to psychiatrists!  They are paid $101 by Blue Choice versus $154.73 by Medicare.  Yep, way a go chasing way all the mental health professionals in Alabama.  Hey Del Marsh, you can help stop all of this, but you have chosen to not lift a finger, and listen to those who drinks that sweet tea supplied by the tea party.

So Del Marsh, and everyone in the Alabama Senate, do you care about the wellbeing of those with intellectual disabilities?  Do you care about those who needs Temporary Assistance for Needy Families? Do you care about those who needs a court trial?  Do you care about those who needs Medicaid?  Do you care about the elderly?  Do you care about our children and Headstart?  Do you care about reforming our prisons so the feds can’t come and take over?  Apparently, you Del Marsh and the Alabama Senate does not care, and you only care about listening to those with the power, you wants to force the poor to pay more taxes while they pay less taxes, that is the world we live in Alabama.  If Robin Hood ever stepped foot inside this state, he would be captured, tortured, and beaten to death.

giphy (2)

So the question is this?  Alabama has an important choice that will help determine what kind of state our children and grandchildren will inherit. Do we raise new revenue to protect vital services like health care and public safety?  Or do we erode our state’s quality of life with devastating cuts to those services?  So far, the legislature is siding with the latter option, and Alabama would suffer the consequences of that choice for years to come.  It’s not just the people in the legislature; many people in our state do not really understand how bad things are right now! They simply go about their daily lives and base their opinions on what they hear at church, work, or on social media outlets. Let’s get something straight; things are in a doomsday type of bad!  This state cannot just keeping cutting and cutting like what you see when landscapers cut the grass.

A change of thinking and political attitude is something the state of Alabama badly needs!  Who cares about who gets hurt in the process?  Who cares that this budget will cause federal lawsuits that will cost more than the money the cuts will save? Who cares that cutting the prison budget will make reform impossible and cause the Feds to take over our prisons and impose tax increases on us that they choose, because our legislature is full of gutless wonders who reuse to actually lead!  The legislative body is not at all confused about this situation. They just refuse to lead us out of it.  What might help get the people in the legislature moving?  Let’s print out some old west wanted posters with their faces and names on them.  Since lots of people need some extra money in Alabama, put a big fat reward on the poster, that will get the people to turn on their elected leaders!

In all seriousness, what really needs to happen to our lawmakers is the same thing that happens on the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken.  We should strap them into a chair, prop open their eyeballs and ears, and force them to watch TV programs about the right way to run a government.  Some time watching some Schoolhouse Rock, Sesame Street, and other educational shows might be the wakeup call our legislature needs to lead Alabama the right way.


But, I am thinking too hard, and none of those things will ever happen.  What will most likely happen is the major budget cuts will be passed, lawsuits will be filed, the federal government will come in and take over parts of the Alabama government, and it will be like Noah’s Ark.  Where the rich, powerful, and tea party supporters will be on the boat, while all the poor, disabled, and Democrats will be left to drown.  What a great message to send about Alabama to the rest of the world!