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See A Film Featuring A Moon Pie and Coca-Cola Bottle Dating Each Other


There is nothing better than snacking on a Moon Pie and drinking a Coca-Cola in the South, right?  Now, a creative high school film class has created a short film featuring a Moon Pie and Coca-Cola bottle, loving each other?  Yeah, it’s just way too cute!  Students from Signal Mountain Middle High School in Chattanooga took a Moon Pie and a bottle of Coca-Cola, and went around the Chattanooga Metro filming the two together at places like Rock City, Tennessee Aquarium, and other places.  The ending of the two pretending to make out over the Tennessee River at sunset is way too cute!

The students used small wooden dowel rods and duct tape to animate the two products.  And it took around 12 hours to make the two-minute film.  The video was made for the  EPB and ESE Networks Chattanooga Rocks film contest and it won first place!  The school won $2,500 for the film program, and they plan to use the money to buy new equipment.  Congrats, now enjoy this film!

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