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What Is The Future Of Fandoms?


Fandoms, it is something all geeks/nerds and technology savvy people know all about!  Most everyone is a part of a certain fandom, it could be a TV show, movie franchise, band or musician, or anything else!  But think about this, what is the future of fandoms?  Fandoms have grown to be a huge force in our pop culture society today, and will fandoms decide what TV shows are made, what movies are shown, which musician becomes famous, and so on, I think so!

Mike Rugnetta from the PBS Idea Channel talks about the future of fandoms, and here are some other things to consider.  Will fandom created art alter free speech and copyright laws?  And my favorite, will fandoms influence politics and the government, I hope so!  Fandoms will continue to grow and grow as the years go by, and yes, I think fandoms will influence our society in many ways.  Enjoy the video!

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