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TV Review: The Wil Wheaton Project

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Everyone knows about Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, where Daniel Tosh skewers pop culture and web videos.  And he stands behind a green screen where a live audience laughs along with Mr. Tosh and the funny videos and segments found.  Now, take Tosh.0, and replace the host with someone who is popular in the geek/nerd world, and replace funny web videos with topics geeks and nerds are talking about, like X-Men, The Walking Dead, Cosmos, and cancelled TV shows, and you get The Wil Wheaton Project!  The first episode premiered this week, and I loved the first episode!


The Wil Wheaton Project stars Wil Wheaton, you know, that kid who was in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  And his show is like The Soup and Tosh.0, for geeks and nerds!  In fact, Wil said in the beginning “Nerds, we got a show!”  The Wil Wheaton Project talks about TV shows, movies, web videos, pop culture, and anything else that geeks/nerds talk about!  It’s basically your weekly recap of science fiction and geek/nerd culture all packaged up into a 30 minute show, that only adults should watch!  This is not a show for kids, all of the geek/nerd adults thanks you Syfy!

The first episode talked about the new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past and was making a lot of fun of it.  The show also made fun of Game of Thrones, Frozen, Penny Dreadful, programming from NBC, Puff Daddy’s unicorn graduation speech, History Channel’s Vikings, Talking Dead, Gotham, WGN America’s Salem, and a couple of funny web videos.  The team did a great job making fun of clips and interviews from various TV shows and movies, and the live audience loved the clips and comedy as well.

Wil Wheaton also presented the Syfy Channel Showcase, which was a monster coming out of the toilet and killing a person.   And the special celebrity guest for the first episode was Chris Hardwick.  Chris and Will have a great chemistry in front of the camera and are very funny!  I loved how they set up The Walking Dead iconic theme song intro, if it was the 1980’s, I enjoyed this! (Video NSFW)

The show also features Wil’s Memo, Shoutouts, and Super Cut at the end of the show.  And so far, most critics have given this show a so-so rating.  Yeah, this was the first episode of a 12 episode first season, and the show will continue to grow and add new segments.  But after watching the first episode, I found The Wil Wheaton Project as entertaining, enjoyable, and energetic.  If the show grows and we see some creative new segments, The Wil Wheaton project will become the must watch show for every geek/nerd each week!  One thing is for sure, after watching The Wil Wheaton project, you can see why the geek/nerd fandom is so mainstream, great job internet!  Enjoy some bloopers!

New episodes of the Wil Wheaton Projects airs on Tuesday nights on Syfy Channel, learn more about the show at:

Enjoy the first episode below!

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