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View The Reasons Why I Am A Humongous Geek And Nerd Presentation

A few weeks ago, I published an article about Why I Am A Humongous Geek/Nerd, and many people came to read that!  Now, after publishing this article to Buzzfeed, I made a SlideShare […]

These Are The Reasons I Am A Humongous Geek/Nerd

So, I was recently contacted by SingleHop, a leading provider of dedicated server and cloud hosting technology.  And they wanted everyone to get ready for the upcoming Geekness Day on July 13th!  The […]

TV Review: The Wil Wheaton Project

Everyone knows about Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, where Daniel Tosh skewers pop culture and web videos.  And he stands behind a green screen where a live audience laughs along with Mr. Tosh […]

View The 50 Geeky Nerdy Family Activities For Summer Presentation

Summer is finally here!  And for the kids, the next 2 1/2 months are going to be awesome, no school!  But for the parents, unless you give your kids something to do, […]

What Is The Future Of Fandoms?

Fandoms, it is something all geeks/nerds and technology savvy people know all about!  Most everyone is a part of a certain fandom, it could be a TV show, movie franchise, band or […]

View The Nathan Young’s 108 Item Bucket List Presentation

Since I started Geek Alabama, I have had a page devoted to my bucket list, or things I want to do before I leave this Earth.  You can view the list at: http://geekalabama.com/about-me/bucket-list/. […]

21 Things Geek And Nerd Characters Do So You Can Be Successful In Your Life

I spent a few days slowly piecing together another great Geek Alabama presentation, and I think I did a great job here!  In this SlideShare presentation called 21 Things Geek And Nerd Characters […]

Score Some Christmas Deals From Shout! Factory and Think Geek

With Christmas bring only around 15 days away.  People are looking for Christmas gifts to give to their kids, friends, significant other, and family.  Let me help you make a great decision […]

TV Review: Fangasm on Syfy Channel

Have you checked out this new reality TV series on Syfy Channel called Fangasm?  If not, you should give this show a try!  Fangasm premiered a few weeks ago and the show […]

Celebrate Geek Week In Rome Georgia

This week, Rome’s celebration of Geek Week unofficially kicks off tonight and culminates Friday with a community lunch at Heritage Park.  Geek Week Rome is a community-wide celebration of technology, innovation, and all things geeky […]

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