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The Walking Dead Season Four Is Over


Well, tonight we saw the season four finale of The Walking Dead.  Rick became a vampire and actually bit the neck off from a person.  And the entire group is reunited, in a dark train car.  Just in case you missed it, here is the scene where Rick, Daryl, Carl, and Michonne are being guided into a trap in Terminus.

So what do I think about Terminus, without anything being revealed.  I think Terminus is home to a few people who trap the people who come into the compound.  These people take the ones they have trapped, kill them, and eat them!  These people are cannibals!  And the season five premiere of the show is going to epic, or they would have not ended season four in that dark train car!

As rick said at the end of season four “they’re screwing with the wrong people.”  I hate we are going to have to wait until October to see what happens from that train car.  But I know the producers and writers will keep us coming back!  Oh well, it’s time for convention season!  And Geek Alabama will be having a lot of Walking Dead talk from several different cons from now until October, come back, won’t you!

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