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View The Amazing Walking Dead And Fear The Walking Dead Comic Con Trailers


Well you know the crazy stuff is about to get real!  During Comic-Con, AMC debuted trailers for season 6 of The Walking Dead, which will premiere on Sunday, October 11th.  In the trailer, well you can tell that Alexandria will be in trouble, and were those people being eaten alive?  Hooray!

The spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead also had a Comic-Con trailer!  This series will premiere on Sunday, August 23rd (a week after my birthday) with a 90 minute first episode!  And the news gets better, season two will now have 15 episodes!  As for season one, as you can see in the trailer below, all heck is about to break loose!

I knew AMC was going to premiere Fear The Walking Dead in late August so it can lead into The Walking Dead.  As it stands now, the first season of Fear The Walking Dead will end on Sunday, October 4th.  We will get a special Talking Dead afterwards, and the next Sunday The Walking Dead premieres!  It’s about to enjoy some zombies once again!

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