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Good News Fridays: The Walking Dead Season 4 Is Here

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Brainnnssss….  That’s zombie speak for The Walking Dead.  And the fourth season premiere is this Sunday October 13th at 9/8 pm central on AMC.  The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV shows currently on the air and people have waited all Summer for the season premiere.  Here is a sneak peek of the first episode called “30 Days Without An Accident.”

At the end of season 3, the group won the Battle of Woodbury, the governor escaped into the woods with some of his men, Carl killed a defenseless person in cold blood, and about 50 people from Woodbury were moved to the prison.  This season, the creators have already said that the action will pick up immediately after the first episode premieres.  And the zombies will be attacking in swarming hordes.  So how long will it take for the first person to be eaten alive?  Here is a sneak peak of season four from AMC.

So what am I looking for in the upcoming season?  For starters, the group of people in the prison from Woodbury will be interesting to watch.  Will someone from the group rise up and become a popular character?  And what about Carl, he shot a defenseless person.  Will he become more violent and messed up in his head?  And I know the governor will want some revenge.  And at the end of the preview video, what was that voice on the radio?  It’s going to be an interesting season!

To get people ready for the return of The Walking Dead, AMC released a 3 part webisode called The Oath which you can watch below.  In part one “Alone”, Paul and Karina escape their ravaged and overrun camp, but a mortal injury sends them on an urgent mission to find medical help.

In part two “Choice”, Karina encounters an unexpected survivor in the medical facility as Paul’s health deteriorates.

And in part three “Bond”, Karina and Paul are forced to make life and death choices.

And for those of you who needs to catch up on all three seasons of The Walking Dead, let the Screen Junkies help you out!

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