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Sunday Discussion: There Is Something Rotten In The Copenhagen Zoo

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I really do not know what is going on over at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, but killing numerous perfectly healthy animals for no reason is extremely rotten.  A few weeks ago, a healthy giraffe named Marius was killed to avoid inbreeding, really?  The most disturbing part was the giraffe’s carcass was dismembered in front of people visiting the zoo including small kids.  Way to go scaring the kids for life Copenhagen Zoo!  Then the carcass from the giraffe was fed to the lions.  Here is a great story about this, the video does contain some images of the dead giraffe.

First off, why were school children watching the giraffe being cut up?  I think that is way too cruel and it will give those kids some nightmares.  Yes, zoos have to sometimes put an animal down because of health problems, it happens all the time.  But if an animal has to be put down, it should be away from the public!  In nature, other animals does kill an animal for food, I see this on TV all the time.  But you don’t show images like that to small kids, that is wrong!  Two, some zoos were wanting to adopt the giraffe, but the zoo still killed the giraffe.  Seriously, in the video above, the zoo director said the giraffe autopsy and cutting it up in front of the public was a good thing?  Families go to the zoo to learn about the animals and to look at them, not watch a dead animal being cut up.


And guess what, if killing a perfectly healthy giraffe and feeding it to the lions does not get your blood boiling, the same zoo killed those lions to make way for a new male lion.  What!  Did the zoo not hear the massive public outcry when it killed that giraffe?  The zoo killed four lions just so they can bring in a new lion.  The zoo said two of those were young lions that were not old enough to survive by themselves and would have been killed by the new male lion if it had the chance.  Okay, so then why did the zoo not move these lions to a different area of the zoo?  The other two lions are the youngsters parents and were a very old breeding pair.  Why are they putting down perfectly healthy older animals?  It’s almost like putting down your senior dog or cat because they are too old, even if those pets could still move around and were healthy.  Thankfully, Jack Hanna thinks this is wrong as well!

My thought, If zoos have too many animals, stop breeding them!  Have zoos ever heard of contraception or spaying/neutering?  Many pet owners will spay or neuter their pets to prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats.  Zoos should not be mating animals to produce more animals that they don’t have room for, that is unethical and wrong!  Some people have called for all zoos to be closed, and I don’t agree with these people.  If all zoos closed tomorrow, where are the animals going to go?  You can not release all of the zoo animals back into the wild, if that happened, it would become a buffet dinner to the wild animals because the zoo animals would have no clue on how to survive in the wild.

If zoos are trapping wild animals just to display them and make money, that needs to stop as well.  Some people have said zoos are only open to make money, and I think that is far from the truth.  Many animals from zoos have been born and raised in a protected environment.  And there are many zoos and wildlife sanctuaries who care about their animals, teach the public about the animals, and would not kill any animals unless they are suffering.  Zoos also helps animals from the wild who are injured and makes sure wild animals recover and they are sent back out into the wild, not kept in a zoo.  If a zoo is only open to make money, they need to be closed down, plain and simple.

The people who run the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark needs to be fired from their jobs.  You should not kill any animals unless they are suffering, end of story!  If a zoo kills another animal for any other reason other than to end suffering, that zoo needs to be closed down and not allowed to operate.  The Copenhagen Zoo is an exception to the many other zoos and wildlife sanctuaries around the world and here in America who actually care for the animals.  These people at the Copenhagen Zoo have a really bizarre outlook on being the caretakers of exotic animals.  They should not be allowed to care for animals ever again!  And the Copenhagen Zoo needs to be closed down for good, end of story!  Visit the Close Copenhagen Zoo Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/closecopenhagenzoo

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