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TV Reviews: Wahlburgers / Game Of Arms

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On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about two new reality shows on TV.  One show features a burger restaurant owned by a famous family, the other show features people who arm wrestle for cash.



On this new show on A&E called Wahlburgers, the show features a burger restaurant in the Boston Metro that is owned by chef Paul Wahlberg in partnership with two of his brothers, actors Donnie and Mark.  So far, the show is doing so-so in the ratings, and it’s because of one reason.  The show focuses on yet another Hollywood family that many people do not care about.  Yes, I liked the parts where they are focusing on the burger joint.  Just because it’s giving several people a chance to earn a living, and that many people are enjoying their burgers.  That’s about it.

I see what A&E is doing here, they are trying to copy the success of the popular Duck Dynasty.  But there is a difference between Duck Dynasty and Wahlburgers.  In Duck Dynasty, the family is not some Hollywood a-listers.  The family cares about one another and they pray before eating at the end of each episode, that is some of the reasons why Duck Dynasty is successful.  On Wahlburgers, there was a little too much commentary, most between the family members.  I get it, the show wants to focus on the family, and yes, there are some good family members from the Wahlberg family.

When you name the reality show by the same name of the burger restaurant, most people are expecting the series to focus only on the restaurant and the interesting aspects about running a popular burger joint everyday.  I did not expect to see famous people talking about each other and doing things like playing golf.  Whenever I go up to Boston, I will try out Wahlburgers and see how their food tastes.  But as for the show, I did not enjoy it.  A&E is ordering more episodes, and I wonder how the show would do without a Duck Dynasty lead-in.  Guess what, next week, Wahlburgers will have two new episodes without a Duck Dynasty lead-in, I will be interested to see the ratings.  New episodes of Wahlburgers airs on Wednesday nights on A&E.

Learn more about Wahlburgers at:  or

Game Of Arms


This show from AMC, the same network that airs The Walking Dead, takes us into the world of competitive arm wrestling.  After watching the show, one has to wonder why this show is on AMC, and not on a sports network.  Because I saw nothing that gives the average AMC viewer something useful to watch.  AMC is known for their movies and dramas, and other than Comic Book Men, that I enjoy, I don’t know why AMC is airing this show.  During the show, you saw several guys profiled, than it all leads to some abandoned warehouse where a bunch of macho guys yell at each other so someone can win in an arm wrestling match.

I somewhat liked how each episode profiles the arm wrestlers themselves.  You see their everyday lives, families, how they train, and how they workout.  Then at the end of the episode, is the big fight.  Two guys use an arm wrestling contraption where one hand holds on to a handle, and the other hand is linked with the opponent’s hand and tied together.  The contraction also features a mat for each wrestler and a referee supervises the match.  After a series of arm wrestling matches, one person will win the money and the other person goes home disappointed.

One has to wonder, why is arm wrestling a professional sport?  Yes, many people probably did some arm wrestling when they were a kid.  I guess TV is going to eventually profile every type of thing people do, and it was time to profile arm wrestling.  This show is a waste of time for me, and a waste of network time for AMC.  Seriously, what are we going to come up next, competitive eating, paintball, karate?  I hope I did not give AMC any ideas there.  New episodes of Game Of Arms airs on Tuesday nights on AMC.

To learn more about the show go to:

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