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Music Thursdays: Metropol / Kodaline

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On this Music Thursdays, I head on over to Europe to profile two bands that you might like!  And yes, both of these bands rock!



I was contacted by Jay about this band that comes from the country of Spain.  This band consists of five members and yes, they rock!  They have a very good vibe to their music and I enjoyed the songs I listened too!  If you enjoy rock music or music with a lot of beats, you will like Metropol.  Even though they are from Spain, they sing their songs in English, so you will understand what they say!  Here is one of their most popular songs called “My Own Gravity.”  I liked the slower pace of this song.

Here is another song titled “Collision.”  This song is very pumped up!

Metropol have just released their debut album and they’d like you to take a listen to it on the link below and download it for free!  To listen and download, go to:


Learn more about Metropol at:  Follow them on Facebook at:



Thank you American Idol for featuring this band tonight!  Kodaline is a Ireland based band that was originally known as 21 Demands.  Some of the band members have known each other since childhood, and the band became a 4-member band in 2012.  This band plays more of an alternative rock theme, and some of their songs have been featured on popular TV shows.  One of their most popular songs is called “All I Want.”  This band was smart to split the music video into two parts!

Another popular song is “High Hopes.”  This is a good song!


You can purchase their new album In A Perfect World now on iTunes!  To learn more about Kodaline, go to:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @Kodaline

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