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Different Hobbies That Could Bring Out A New Side Of You

Life isn’t just about getting to work, earning your keep, leaving, getting home, and then doing it all over again the following day. It’s to be enjoyed to the best of our […]

It’s The Last Chance To View The Hometown Teams Exhibit At The Anniston Library

If you have not gone down to the Public Library of Anniston and Calhoun County to see the Hometown Teams exhibit from the Smithsonian Institute, you only have a few days left […]

Why I Believe Video Games Belong On ESPN And Other Sports Networks

A few weeks ago, the Alexander City Outlook put out an opinion piece about why video games coverage does not belong on ESPN.  I was not going to talk about this, but […]

View The Why High School Football Is Popular In Alabama Infographic

This infographic talks about why high school football is popular in Alabama. Football Friday Nights are some of the best nights in the South!  From the big hits, to the last minute […]

Enjoy Paying A Sports Surcharge If You Subscribe To Cable One

Are you glad to watch the SEC Network?  If you live here in Anniston/Oxford, and have Cable One, be glad you can see Alabama and Auburn play each weekend, because you are […]

TV Reviews: Wahlburgers / Game Of Arms

On this TV Reviews post, I am talking about two new reality shows on TV.  One show features a burger restaurant owned by a famous family, the other show features people who […]

Blue Dyed Oil Is Now Being Used In Bowling

I was watching some bowling on ESPN today, yep life without football is boring, and I noticed something new!  The PBA or Professional Bowling Association, is now using a special dyed oil […]

Good News Fridays: P&G Thank You Mom / New Zealand Speed Ad

This week on Good News Fridays, I have got two powerful YouTube videos that send a powerful message.  The first video from Procter and Gamble is a video promoting the upcoming 2014 […]

The Cullman / Walker High School Football Fight

This time of the year, people in Alabama are watching football!  Whether it’s the high school Friday night games, Alabama and Auburn games on Saturday, or the NFL on Sunday, people in […]

Business Review: Sport Clips

A few months ago, I got a free coupon for a free haircut at the Sport Clips in Oxford Alabama.  Since I was due for a haircut, and the coupon was going […]

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