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Why I Find Valentine’s Day As A Waste / What I Want To See In A Woman

Since Valentine’s Day is today, I wanted to share my thoughts about the day, and why I have never dated anyone and I am 27 years old.  Valentine’s Day is a day […]

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Three Reasons Why The 2013 Crazy Christmas Shopping Season Has Been Rough

  What a Christmas season it has been for the retailers.  Many retailers are seeing struggling sales.  Some stores have stayed open for 24 hours straight to attract customers.  And Target is […]

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Animation Monday: Thanksgiving Cartoons

I just love seeing some of these great political cartoons online.  And since retailers and companies wants to force Christmas down our throats before we even get to Thanksgiving.  I went online […]

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Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday 2012

This weekend from Friday July 6th to Sunday July 8th is a very important weekend in Alabama.  This is the weekend to go to your local retailers to stock on items that […]

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