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Why I Pick The Broncos To Win Super Bowl 48


Update:  Well, some years you pick correctly, and some years you pick the wrong team.  The Seahawks deserved that win, what happened Broncos?  Seahawks win Super Bowl 48, 43-8.  Enjoy my custom photo!

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On Sunday, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will meet in New York City in Super Bowl 48, or what some people are calling the Weed Bowl.  And yes, I am picking the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 48.  No, it has nothing to do with the Denver Broncos and the Auburn Tigers having the same colors.  This game will be played at MetLife Stadium and outdoors!  Usually, Super Bowls are played in indoor stadiums to prevent any weather issues.  Thankfully, there are going to be no weather issues in this Super Bowl, unless you don’t like the cold weather.  Even though the weather will not be an issue, I guarantee one thing, this is going to be a high scoring and exciting game!  Check out this video of puppy predictors from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, I agree with this pick!

Yes, I know the Seattle Seahawks has had a great season.  They played well against the 49ers during the NFC Championship Game, but they almost lost that game.  Meanwhile, the Broncos pretty much tore apart the Patriots during the AFC Championship Game.   Let’s be honest, the Broncos has had a record-breaking season mostly thanks to QB Peyton Manning.  After Peyton had neck surgery and was released by the Colts, he’s got a chip on his shoulder.  I mean, he is playing to take revenge right now, and to tell all the naysayers out there, that he can still win championships.  And sorry Seahawks fans, even a flight path of the number 12 made by an airplane, representing the 12th man, is not going to help you here!


So here are the reasons I pick the Broncos to win Super Bowl 48:

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver BroncosQB Peyton Manning is having a record-breaking season.  He has broken the NFL records for passing touchdowns and yards.  And he has helped the Broncos offense to be the number 1 scoring offense this season.  Yeah, I know the Seahawks has the number 1 scoring defense this season.  But I think the Broncos will make the right plays to score past the Seahawks defense.

Super-Bowl-NFL-American-Football-Denver-Broncos-Seattle-Seahawks-456653The Broncos are used to playing in cold weather, since they are in Denver.  The weather will be cold, but dry, and the Broncos will play well.  The team is 6-0, when they have more than 7 days to prepare.  The team is 4-0 against NFC teams.  And the Broncos have more postseason and Super Bowl experience.  The entire Seahawks roster, except for one player, has no Super Bowl experience, and that will hurt the Seahawks.

downloadBroncos kicker Matt Prater has had a great season!  He broke the NFL record with his 64 yard field goal this season.  And he has been very accurate this season with 25 of 26 successful field goal attempts in the regular season, including 6 of 7 from 50 or more yards.  When the game is on the line, Matt Prater could be the difference of the Broncos winning or losing.  And yes, Matt Prater will be 100% healthy for the game!

1604868_10151950341638697_1579416129_nOn the Chinese calendar, it’s the year of the horse!  Sure, My Little Pony and their characters will be getting a lot of buzz this year, but as you know, the Broncos mascot is a horse!  Since most of Asia is celebrating the horse right about now, you know who they will be rooting for!  And in a 2005 episode of The Simpsons, they picked the Broncos to win against the Seahawks by a final score of 19-14.  Yep, sometimes luck is on your side!

Sometimes, teams who get lucky, like the Seahawks, can win the Super Bowl.  But I am afraid the Seahawks has not seen a team so put together like the Broncos.  Peyton’s brother Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl at the Colts stadium when Peyton was playing with the Colts.  And I think Peyton is going to win a Super Bowl in Eli’s stadium.  And after the Broncos win, the Manning’s will go down as the best football family in NFL history!  These are the reasons I pick the Broncos to win Super Bowl 48 with a final score of 28-24!

Even the video game EA Sports Madden 25 has picked the Broncos to win the Super Bowl!  Watch below!

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