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Foodie Saturdays: What Goes Into Feeding An NFL Team

With the 2019 NFL season starting this week, you might have wondered how a NFL team feeds its players and staff.  NFL Media takes a look at how the Washington Redskins feeds […]

Check Out These Super Bowl Stadium Trick Shots From Dude Perfect

Super Bowl 53 is this Sunday In Atlanta, Georgia.  The game takes place in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the NFL wanted people to get hyped by bringing in the people from Dude […]

Sunday Discussion: Nike Dream Crazy Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick

We live in a time where the tiniest little thing will set off some people.  When Kellogg’s removed their ads from BrainFart, people flushed their cereal down the toilet.  When Keurig pulled all […]

Animation Monday: 15 Super Bowl Political Cartoons

So, we just had another Super Bowl, and in this era of everything has to be political, I decided to find some Super Bowl political cartoons for all of us to enjoy!  […]

Vote For G Mommas Cookies In The Small Business Big Game Super Bowl Contest

A small business from Selma is in the running to have their commercial run during Super Bowl 50 on CBS.  Think about it, seeing your small business during the big game and […]

Madden 15 Correctly Predicted Super Bowl 49

Well, I think we are in trouble now.  Because artificial intelligence is here, and getting better!  Hence, the 11th annual Madden video game simulator that ran before the Super Bowl and was […]

Why I Pick The Seahawks To Win Super Bowl 49

So, each year I do a post talking about which team I think will win the Super Bowl.  And this year, even before we get to the game, there has been a […]

Why I Pick The Broncos To Win Super Bowl 48

Update:  Well, some years you pick correctly, and some years you pick the wrong team.  The Seahawks deserved that win, what happened Broncos?  Seahawks win Super Bowl 48, 43-8.  Enjoy my custom […]

Sunday Discussion: The 11-17-13 Midwest Severe Weather Outbreak

Today was a rough day across the midwest.  As of this writing, six people have been killed in Illinois and over 70 preliminary tornado reports and over 400 total severe weather were reported […]

The Richie Incognito Problems And Why Bullying Must Be Stopped

Bullying has gotten way out of control around the world.  It’s not just in schools anymore, people have been bullied at the workplace, while driving, while shopping, and even at home.  Bullying […]

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