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Why I Pick the Ravens to Win Super Bowl 47


Super Bowl 47 final: Ravens 34 49ers 31.  I predicted 35-31 Ravens; not bad!

Sunday the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers play in New Orleans at Super Bowl 47 or in what many people are calling it the Harbaugh Bowl.  And I am picking the Baltimore Ravens to be Super Bowl champions!  I think this game will go down as one of the greatest games ever as both teams will be scoring a lot.  Scoring drives the excitement of a game way up and there will be many excited people as the touchdowns and field goals pile up.  These two videos from Mishka the Talking Husky and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon shows some very smart dogs!

No doubt; I have seen many people predicting the 49ers will win the Super Bowl.  QB Colin Kaepernick has started only nine times but he has been red hot!  He has a great throwing arm and he can run the ball too!  The 49ers defense has also been great this season!  But I just have a gut feeling that the Ravens will win the Super Bowl.  Joe Flacco has been one accurate quarterback this season.  And the Ravens have a ton of motivation to play for other than Ray Lewis retiring.  Here are the picks from the TV 24 staff.  I guess I will be celebrating along with Gerhard and Jon Holder.


So here are the reasons I pick the Ravens to win Super Bowl 47:

hi-res-159800380_crop_exactJoe Flacco has been a consistent quarterback this season.  He has had some luck on his side as well.  I expect he will have one of his best games in his career Sunday night.  If the Ravens win, I think he will be named MVP.


Ray LewisRay Lewis is retiring as one of the best NFL players ever.  He has been able to stop offenses like the 49ers before.  And on Sunday he will step up one more time to help the Ravens win the Super Bowl.  If they win, expect a great speech!


nfl_g_oj-brigance_mb_600O.J. Brigance is a former Ravens player and now works as the senior adviser on player development.  He is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS and is confined to a wheelchair.  A Super Bowl win would be awesome for him!


justin-tucker-9Justin Tucker has been a reliable kicker this season.  He has connected on 30-of-33 field goals in the regular season.  His 90.9 success rate is the second-best conversion rate by a rookie in NFL history.  He will be the X-factor in the Super Bowl.  Sometimes kicks can win the game!



Michael Oher is best known for the movie “The Blind Side.”  This is his first Super Bowl appearance and he is the foundation of the Ravens offense.  I think he will be happy winning a Super Bowl!  His family from Mississippi will be happy seeing him as well!


The team that wins the Super Bowl is not usually the best team in football; it’s often just the team that got lucky and hot at the right time.  And with all the motivation on the Ravens.  I think this will be their time!  The Ravens time to win championships is closing and this might be their last chance in a long time to win a Super Bowl.  No other NFL team has made the playoffs each of the last five seasons. Yet, the Ravens don’t even have one Super Bowl appearance to show for that. That’s some serious pain to overcome. That takes serious determination to keep coming back, year after year, after each bitter disappointment.  These are reasons I pick the Ravens to win Super Bowl 47 with a final score of 35-31!

Even the video game Madden NFL 13 has picked the Ravens to win the Super Bowl!  Watch below!

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