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Madden 15 Correctly Predicted Super Bowl 49

Well, I think we are in trouble now.  Because artificial intelligence is here, and getting better!  Hence, the 11th annual Madden video game simulator that ran before the Super Bowl and was […]

Why I Pick The Seahawks To Win Super Bowl 49

So, each year I do a post talking about which team I think will win the Super Bowl.  And this year, even before we get to the game, there has been a […]

Why I Pick The Broncos To Win Super Bowl 48

Update:  Well, some years you pick correctly, and some years you pick the wrong team.  The Seahawks deserved that win, what happened Broncos?  Seahawks win Super Bowl 48, 43-8.  Enjoy my custom […]

The Worst Call in Football History

Most people can not believe what happened on Monday Night Football on ESPN.  On the final play of the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks game QB Russell Wilson launched a Hail Mary pass toward […]

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