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The 2013 Supreme Court Rulings: Voting Rights and Gay Marriage


The United States Supreme Court has handed down some huge rulings.  The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which follows a formula used to determine which jurisdictions are required to get federal government permission for election changes, as unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court is telling Congress to pass a new formula to determine which cities, counties, and states must fall under the rules of the Voting Rights Act.  This basically means Alabama and the other states will be free from Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act because Congress is too dysfunctional to do anything to change the laws.

The events in Alabama back in the 1960’s is why the Voting Rights Act was passed.  And now, some people are wondering if Alabama will discriminate against certain people again at the voting booth.  Alabama has already said that a new voter ID law will take effect for the 2014 elections.  Look, I have no problem with a voter ID law, as long as a basic ID can be issued for people for free without any hassles.  I am not worried about a voter ID law around people with a different skin color.  I am worried about a voter ID law around people with disabilities.

Color-voter-ID-laws1People with disabilities (like me) are often discriminated against in society.  Some people with disabilities can not function alone without help.  So how hard will it be for people with disabilities to be taken to an ID office?  And, how many people with disabilities will have all the documents needed to get an ID?  Also, some poor people and seniors don’t have the means to get an ID.  Seniors might not have the birth certificate needed to get an ID, so that means they can not vote.  The voter ID laws sounds like a way to bring back a poll tax which is wrong.  Are groups like ALEC wanting to destroy this country?

Today, the Supreme Court issued major rulings over the gay marriage debate.  In Alabama, there have been stories of some gay people being verbally and physically attacked because of their views.  And lawmakers will never allow gay marriage in Alabama until the federal government or Supreme Court forces it.  The churches, which does not support gay marriage, have too much of a stronghold in Alabama.


The Supreme Court first issued a ruling on DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act.  The ruling bans the federal government from defining a marriage as a union between a man and a woman for the purposes of federal law.  The court’s decision overturning DOMA means married couples in the 12 states that allow same-sex marries or unions are now subject to the same federal benefits and regulations bestowed upon hetrerosexual couples.

The other ruling was around Prop 8 in California.  The Supreme Court dismissed an appeal of a lower court’s ruling on California’s Proposition 8 on standing.  That decision means Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage in California, will remain overturned and same-sex marriage will once again be legal in California.  These two rulings are earth-shattering for the gay and homosexual community.  Videos like this against gay marriage are wrong!

I would consider June 26th, 2013 as an history day for America.  Marriage equality between a man and a women, a man and a man, or a women and a women should be supported in all 50 states including Alabama.  Alabama has had a rough history in the gay and homosexual community.  People who are gay and homosexual should not be discriminated against just like some people with disabilities.  The Alabama Legislature needs to get the ball rolling in allowing gay and homosexual people to have the same rights as married people.  Sadly, I think it’s going to take the federal government to force it.

support-gay-marriage-loveLet me end by saying this, I support the rights of gays and homosexuals.  I also support the rights for the disabled to be allowed to vote and do other activities without being discriminated against.  Many geeks and nerds don’t like seeing other people hate on each other and we support equal rights for everybody!  Alabama needs to get with the program!



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  1. I agree with both decisions today from SCOTUS. I don’t always agree or respect the court; however.
    Basically, the country has changed so don’t be blaming the court that it recognized that with gutting the voting rights act. Even your Alabama has changed with all sort of diverse people in your state government. Congress is fine, & it’s easy to blame them for things but they are just following those that elected them. So don’t look to any new voting rights act when it’s not necessary. The disabled are in no danger of not being able to vote. Any of the state requirements to prove who you are (not US citizenship) across the country are fair, when there are 11 million illegals in the country & a ideology (the Democrats) that want them to vote.
    I support Gay rights, but I am a conservative that doesn’t support changing basic definitions & terminology. But I’m okay with the decision to allow federal benefits for gay couples, etc.
    It’s a Lib stupidity thinking that anyone is trying to stop anyone (senior citizens, miniorities, etc.) from voting & it’s only fair that old dead restrictions from 1965 be considered invalid.
    I’m older than you are, I know things have changed, so don’t believe the liberal line about conservatives trying to stop people from voting. That’s BS.

  2. Believe me, there are some people I have talked about in the Alabama Legislature who are crazy. One believed that teachers should not be paid more because it’s not God’s calling. Alabama has a long way to go to improve in the racial aspect of life. It’s better than the 1960’s, but there are some people, especially in rural areas, who are still racist. While living in a rural area, my mom sold a house to a black couple, after it was found out by some people, it was burned down.

    Another fine example was the Alabama immigration bill. So much requirements were put on, people serving overseas had to return home to just show they are a citizen to pay property taxes or renew a car tag. People who were owning land in Alabama, but lived out of state had so much hassles as well. Alabama has a long way to go.

  3. There’s still no danger of voter intimidation in any state in America, that’s what the ruling was all about, it’s not about crazy legislators or general aspects of the population. Every state right to require a person prove he is a citizen before voting in the United States. Every country on the planet that has representatives elections the same thing.

  4. Yes, every citizen should prove they are legal. But governments should also not make it difficult for some people to prove they are legal. People should not have to drive 50 miles to the nearest Driver License office or buy a birth certificate to prove they are legal.

  5. In today’s world all across the country everyone is required to have either state ID’s or drivers license, everyone sooner or later is always required to have a copy of a birth certificate. These things are not difficult to get and are required to get employment and other things. These things are essential to have for various reasons and have been for decades. That is all I have to say about it.

  6. fyi: The White House is promoting Voter ID in Kenya. Their hypocrisy is stunning, since they’ve got all their supporters here thinking otherwise. So, it’s all liberal political lies here, to get people to think conservatives who want Voter ID to check citizenship in the most important thing a citizen can do in the country. Voting. Here’s a link –>