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Watch The Gilley’s Christmas Lights On ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight On Monday, December 17


Yep, an East Alabama Christmas attraction will be featured on national television this Monday night!  Since the 1980’s, the Gilley’s in the Ball Play community have been putting out Christmas lights in their front yard.  Thanks to videos of others (including myself) being uploaded to YouTube featuring the Gilley’s Christmas lights, the ABC show The Great Christmas Light Fight came out in December 2017 to film the lights.

And on Monday night beginning at 7 pm Central, you can see the Gilley’s Christmas lights on your TV screen!  Each episode features four unique Christmas displays vying for the Light Fight trophy and a $50,000 prize.  Host Carter Oosterhouse will tour the lights and give some feedback on some of his favorite lights at the Gilley’s.

J.C. Gilley worked on all the displays you see at the Christmas attraction through the years. For over 20 years he would mix metal wire with Christmas lights until another Christmas masterpiece was created. Each display was made by hand, and ever since J.C. Gilley’s death in 2002, his brothers Mike Gilley and Donnie Gilley continue the tradition by placing out all the Christmas decorations that are all mechanical. That’s right, they all move!

Before or after you watch the episode, look below at the video I did of the Gilley’s Christmas lights from 2017 along with pictures.  I hope when I go out to the Gilley’s to cover the lights next week I see a trophy being displayed!

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