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Xbox One vs. PlayStation Four, The Console Gaming Wars Are Here

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Last week the PlayStation Four was released and people stood in long lines to grab one.  Sony announced they sold over one million consoles in the first 24 hours.  Best Buy sold out of consoles quickly and are restocking.  And GameStop has a waiting list of over 2.3 million customers.  The console is on its way to becoming one of the most popular consoles ever.  And not surprisingly there are some problems already appearing.  Like the blinking blue light of death, but most customers are happy with their consoles.

The Xbox One is coming out on Friday and I am sure Microsoft will be setting sales records like Sony did with the PS4.  And with all of these sales records being set, I guess I need to correct something I said a while ago.  I wrote a post a while back saying that console gaming was dead because people are moving to smartphone and PC gaming.  I guess all the people buying consoles are proving me wrong.  Still, don’t look for me going and buying a console anytime soon.  One, because of the high prices, I live in East Alabama which is one of the poorest regions in America.  And two, I have been unemployed for over 28 months now, so I can not afford one anyways.

From Net Voucher Codes.

From Net Voucher Codes.

The big difference between the older and newer consoles is the newer consoles are not just about gaming.  Both the PS4 and the Xbox One are made for the entire TV experience.  Both consoles have 8 GB of memory and 500 GB of storage.  Both consoles have a 8-Core custom CPU.  Both consoles will have a wide number of games you can play with and will feature motion detection equipment.  The only big difference is the prices.  The PS4 is $399 and the Xbox One is $499.

One of the biggest assets to these consoles will be the entertainment options.  Both consoles will allow you to connect to the internet and you can stream Netflix, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Redbox Instant and others.  And with both consoles, you can chat and play with friends and share stuff with your social media followers.  Most media websites have already compared the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and they say the PS4 is the winner.  Here is a comparison video of Battlefield 4 being played with both consoles.

So, are you going to get a Xbox One or PlayStation Four?  View the unboxing videos!

So which console I think will sell the most.  I think they will both be very popular.  Both brands have their own legions of fans and they will be lining up to get their favorite consoles.  I will leave with this video from AVbyte. You decide by watching this funny musical!

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