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Mobile Vs Console Gaming: Which Comes Out On Top

Technology moves on at a rapid pace, and in the worlds of mobile and console gaming, we are seeing some stunning titles hitting our favorite devices. Console gamers are currently benefiting from […]

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How Nintendo Can Turn Around From Its Massive Gaming Freefall

Nintendo, they used to own the video game market!  Their Super Nintendo gaming system was a massive hit when it was released back in early 1990’s.  Even their Nintendo 64 gaming system […]

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Xbox One vs. PlayStation Four, The Console Gaming Wars Are Here

Last week the PlayStation Four was released and people stood in long lines to grab one.  Sony announced they sold over one million consoles in the first 24 hours.  Best Buy sold […]

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The Console Gaming Wars At The E3 Expo

So the E3 Expo is going on in Los Angeles and I have paid attention to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in their presentations.  After viewing the details of the PlayStation 4, Xbox […]

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The Xbox One Is Going To End Up As A Disappointment

This week, Microsoft announced the brand new Xbox One gaming console.  This console is going to replace the Xbox 360 and be a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 that is also coming out. […]

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The PlayStation 4 Announcement / Why I Think Console Gaming Is Dead

On Wednesday, Sony held a major press conference in New York City.  The 140 minute event was streamed online for the world to see.  And Sony was hoping the new PlayStation 4 would create a lot […]

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