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The Xbox One Is Going To End Up As A Disappointment


This week, Microsoft announced the brand new Xbox One gaming console.  This console is going to replace the Xbox 360 and be a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 that is also coming out.  I wonder why these companies continues to come out with brand new gaming consoles every few years.  Console gaming is slowly dying away and I say 10 years from now, console gaming will be a thing of the past.  During the Microsoft press conference, the Xbox One was hyped with a lot of promise.  But after all the details are known, this will end up as a disappointment.


The Xbox One will need an internet connection to use most features!  As you know, I believe people should be able to play games without having an internet connection present.  What if you want to take your games on a camping trip or on an RV?  It’s kind of hard to haul around a way to always stay connected to the internet.  And for the cable companies like Cable One who will charge you extra for using too much internet bandwidth each month, this move will prove to be bad.

The Xbox One will require games to be installed on the console’s hard drive to be played.  If you take a game to another Xbox One console or buy a used game.  You will have to pay an undetermined fee.  So let’s get this straight.  If I wanted to show my friend a very cool game I like playing, I would have to pay extra unless I haul my Xbox One console around?   Microsoft, why do you have to be greedy?  Gamers are already paying money to buy new and used games.  They don’t want to pay extra just to play a game.  Gamers will simply quit using the Xbox One console for good and go to smartphones to play games.  Microsoft is showing their greedy side for sure!


Microsoft also says the Xbox Kinect will be improved with the Xbox One.  Some people have complained about how the Kinect sensors are not too good.  And if the lighting is bad, or if you have a small room, the sensors have a hard time picking you up.  Some people are not going to like the idea of having an always on camera and microphone connected to internet 24/7 in your living room.  How awesome is that going to be!  Not!


The Xbox One will be more than gaming.  The console will also allow users to watch TV, stream a movie, listen to music, interact with other people, and much more.  The question I would ask about this is, why would I pay $300 for these features if Microsoft is going to charge people sometimes full price to play a used game.  There are devices that will allow me to stream TV shows and movies for much cheaper.  Sure the console and game controller looks cool.  But Microsoft is going to nickel and dime us to death.  This will turn off many consumers.

The Xbox One is going to be full of hype but hold no substance in my opinion.  The death of console gaming is coming very quickly.  And Microsoft is trying to make all the money they can before the console game joins the museum as a thing of the past.  I would not recommend you buy a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 or any other gaming console.  You can play great games on your computer and smartphone!

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  1. I would argue that we cannot make the judgement until after E3 is said and done. They still have A LOT of questions to answer and a lot of content to cover,

  2. True, but this is Microsoft we are talking about. They want people to pay a yearly fee to use their Office products. It sounds like they want more of our Money!