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Music Thursdays: Kid Rock’s First Kiss / Jessica And Kendall Williams Taylor Swift Mash Up

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This week on Music Thursdays, let’s talk two music themed videos, shall we?  The first music video from Kid Rock is a new song called “First Kiss.”  Kid Rock has a new album called “First Kiss” coming out on February 24th, and his music video to the song is very good!  The video is kind of like a flashback on a person’s first kiss back in the day.  And you are going to enjoy the music and lyrics to this song!  Yep, it should be playing on Top 40 radio!  Oh, and yes Kid Rock killed a deer on Hank Williams Jr’s land in Alabama, yeah I know someone will want me to point that one out.

Enjoy Kid Rock’s new music video below!

Also, let’s talk about a viral video from Alabama.  Jessica Williams and Kendall Williams made a mash-up of their favorite Taylor Swift songs.  It was a fun way to pass the time for both women.  After seeing a bunch of other mash-up videos on YouTube, they wanted to create their own mash-up.  The girls spent a few hours over a few days working on this video, and the results are below.  Great singing from these ladies, enjoy!

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