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Music Thursdays: Ylvis – Massachusetts / The Paper Kites

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This week, I am showing off the latest video from Ylvis.  You should know them, they are that talk show group from Norway who have their own comedy show called “I kveld med Ylvis” (“Tonight with Ylvis”) on TVNorge.  When they released their viral hit “The Fox” it launched the brothers into the international spotlight.  “The Fox” has over 150 million hits and is playing on radio stations now.

Their latest song is an homage to a particular state in America called “Massachusetts.”  They released this song at a great time since the Red Sox are in the World Series and they won Game 1.  This song is more of a slow and tender sounding melody and I enjoyed the song.  The church choir in the background was a great touch!  Enjoy below!

I also wanted to promote this wonderful video from the group The Paper Kites.  This song called “Young” used over 350 people to make the music video.  As you can see, this is a stop-motion visual where a different face is shown after half a second.  I found this video very cool, enjoy!

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