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Good News Fridays: Great White Shark Rescued From Cape Cod

I know some of you hate sharks!  But sharks are also amazing creatures like other animals.  And a few weeks ago, a great white shark washed up onto a beach in Cape […]

Watch Jim Cantore Get Stoked About Thundersnow

A few days ago, The Weather Channel sent Jim Cantore to Plymouth, MA to cover Winter Storm Neptune, yes they are still naming winter storms, I wonder how long until the National Weather […]

Music Thursdays: Ylvis – Massachusetts / The Paper Kites

This week, I am showing off the latest video from Ylvis.  You should know them, they are that talk show group from Norway who have their own comedy show called “I kveld med […]

Good News Fridays: Flash Mob For Retiring Principal

First off, I wanted to share this first movie trailer for the movie “Jobs” coming out on August 16th.  Ashton Kutcher will star as Steve Jobs as he starts up Apple Computer. […]

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