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After The Good, The Ugly Comes Back


Last weekend was perfect, I was driving a new 2014 Toyota Corolla, and I took wonderful pictures and video!  Here is the video, to view the post with pictures, click the link!

But sadly, the ugly has come back and has come back with a vengeance!  First off, my car has quit working today.  A few months ago, a friend helped me get the steering wheel fixed in the car and the car has worked like a charm.  Well this afternoon, the steering wheel broke loose from the axle and is now free spinning.  The wheel can no longer turn the wheels on the car.  But hey, you can still use the steering wheel to play an imaginative game of Wheel of Fortune.

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The second thing, my cell phone is dead and not working anymore.  Some water got spilled onto the phone and I am now without a phone, for now.  I have had the phone for over three years now so it did great lasting that long!  Now I could easily upgrade to a new phone but Verizon Wireless is only offering me smartphones now.  I would have to pay around $100 a month with their Share Everything plan.  Maybe it’s a good thing my phone died, because I can go to another provider.  I could get a smartphone and pay around $60 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data and keep my phone number.  Straight Talk or Metro PCS are looking like great alternatives to Verizon.

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Some other things coming up in the month of October includes renewing my SNAP benefits by October 15th or lose them for good.  Also my car tag must be renewed by the end of the month and to renew you MUST have car insurance which I don’t have.  The reason I don’t have car insurance is because I have been unemployed for 27 months now.  I wish people like the ones in the federal government would quit finger-pointing and bickering at each other and finally work together so everyone can be successful in life.

Look, I can keep doing everything for free. The Toyota Corolla event was great and I loved it.  For everyone else who e-mails me to cover events and talk about things coming up, I need to get paid, it’s that simple.  Or someone needs to hire me.

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