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Roadscapes Wednesday: Corolla #UnexpectEverything Weekend

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I wanted to put this post up yesterday, but I had to wait to confirm all the details and it’s on like Donkey Kong!  This weekend from Friday to Monday, I will be given a 2014 Toyota Corolla and I will get to go to several events that you are going to enjoy, because there will be a video and photos to come from this!  My job will be to promote the all-new, completely redesigned 2014 Corolla with the “Unexpect Everything” campaign.  Southeast Toyota Distributors loves the content I create on Geek Alabama, and because of my ability to spark conversations on and offline, they thought I would be a great fit for the campaign.  So, I said yes!

The 2014 Corolla is nothing like any Corolla you’ve seen, touched, driven or made fun of before.  The unexpected 2014 redesign has kept Corolla’s legendary reliability intact, and changed just about everything else.  Roomier interior, LED headlights, backup camera, touch screen audio and Toyota’s Entune multimedia system all play a part in this epic upgrade.  And I will be one of the first to experience it!


To get things started, I am being given a card with $150.00 on it for food and gas and other expenses I might incur.  I will have two tickets to the Big Zombie Bus Tour which begins at 10:00am on Saturday.  I will also have two tickets and parking pass to the first night of Six Flags Fright Fest on Saturday.  I will be staying at the Days Inn Suites Atlanta Six Flags Saturday night and yes, the hotel has been paid for in full.  Along with the trip this weekend, I will also be visiting a couple of restaurants to include in the video and photos.

So here is what I am doing this weekend!  I pick up the car on Friday Afternoon.  The staff from Sunny King Toyota will show me the features of this car, and I will get to drive away!  During Friday afternoon, I will record some video segments with Vernon Thomas and Steve Stephens for the video.  I will also record a few segments of me driving by while someone is standing on the side of the road with the camera, my younger brother will come in handy!

On Friday evening, I will take pictures and video of the Ragland High School homecoming game.  This year, Caitlyn is the drum major for the band and is one of three girls on the homecoming court.  So this is going to be a big night!  I will record the entire halftime performance, take pictures and video of the football game, and take pictures and video of the Homecoming Queen crowning.  Here is video from the 2012 Ragland High School halftime show with David Storey being the drum major.

On Saturday, I will go to Atlanta early and pick up Jeffrey, who will be my cameraman and will also get to enjoy the activities with me, this is his birthday present!  First off will be the  Big Zombie Bus Tour which will show off famous scenes from TV shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Zombieland.  Next, I will visit The Pie Shop in Buckhead who are running a Kickstarter campaign I talked about earlier.  There will be a separate video and photo post from this place next week!  Next, I will head down to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary who will be running a fall festival to raise funds to raise the fence!  Then, I will stop at The Varsity for dinner and a food review before going to Six Flags for Fright Fest.  It will be a long day!

On Sunday, I will go to Holeman and Finch to try out their burger which they claim is one of the best in America!  Then I will drop off Jeffrey and head back to Anniston.  I might also get some road pictures for a future Roadscapes post including the demise of the Georgia 400 tolls.  I have to return the car to Sunny King Toyota on Monday and I hope I will have the pictures and video put together by then.  Yeah, this is going to be a busy weekend!

Over the weekend, I will be posting some tweets and Facebook posts about the activities we are doing!  To see those, you can follow the hashtag #UnexpectEverything or follow me on Facebook at: or on Twitter @nvyoung.  My hope from all of this great stuff I will be doing is hopefully this will lead to something and will end my 26 month jobless streak.  I hope you enjoy what I have coming this weekend!

Learn more about the Toyota Corolla at:

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