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Changes in Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has now started their new Share Everything plans.  These plans now offer unlimited talk and text.  But what these plans differ from other phone plans in the past is your usage in data.  This new plan charges $40 for each smartphone, $20 for each jetpack, and $10 for each tablet.  Then you choose the plan for how much data you and your family will use each month.  For example if your family uses a total of 4GB data it will be $70 each month.  Or if your family uses a total of 8GB data it will be $90 each month.  If a family of four wanted to use this plan it would run down like this.  It would cost $160 for the smartphones; and let’s assume your family uses less than 4GB of data each month which would cost $70.  Your total bill would be $230 a month before taxes.  And as we all know most families has kids that love to talk and text.  So a plan like this would actually save them a little money.

But I am writing this post for the ones like me who live by themselves and are individuals.  Single people wanting to use Verizon would also have to use this plan.  So for someone like me wanting to upgrade to a smartphone for blogging and social media purposes it would cost me $40 for the smartphone.  Then I would have to choose the data plan.  So I would choose either the 2GB or 4GB plans.  My total bill each month would be around $100-$110 before taxes!

I have already read some comments about this online and I have to agree and say this plan is too expensive for individuals like me.  Sure when I start a family one day this plan would make sense.  But for now this plan is something I would not consider.  Right now I have a plan with a basic phone with 450 minutes; 250 text messages; and 75MB of data a month and I pay around $55.  The reason why I am looking to upgrade to a smartphone is to keep up with the successful Geek Alabama blog and the many followers on my social media accounts.  I also like not being embarrassed by pulling out a basic phone while all the people around me are checking their smartphones.

I feel like this Share Everything plan is a rip-off for individuals.  Sure I could bring in a phone approved by Verizon or buy a phone at full retail price but that can run up to $500.  I am just wondering if Verizon was thinking about the individuals when they came up with these plans.  I feel like many individuals will consider leaving Verizon to other providers like At&t, Sprint, Ting, or Straight Talk.  Because these plans that Verizon is now offering really do cost too much!

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