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Sundays Are The Worst Shows The Dark Side Of Tipping From Christians


Let’s face it, servers are not getting enough tips to make an honest pay while they are working.  People reserve their right to tip when they go out to eat, and some people will tip not because the service was good or bad, they could tip because of the way the server looks, the server’s political beliefs, and more.


Servers are still paid the minimum wage of $2.13 an hour and must make up the rest of their pay with tips, and I thought this is 2014.  I think because of the world we live in today, where anyone’s belief or appearance could mean less tips, it’s time for restaurants to end the practice of tipping servers, and pay the servers a fair pay, without relying on tips to survive.  But that won’t happen, because restaurants wants to keep food costs as low as possible.

One place restaurants gets a lot of business is on Sunday afternoons, where churchgoers go get something to eat after the Sunday Service.  Some churchgoers are not known for tipping too well when they go out to eat on Sunday afternoon.  So Pastor Chad Roberts from Preaching Christ Church in Tennessee created a website aimed specifically at his churchgoers into not only tipping better, but also leaving their servers with a better sense of appreciation.


Servers can leave comments on the site about how the Sunday crowd hurts them with sometimes little or no tips.  Chad Roberts personally responds to each comment left from servers on the site.  And the site does not publish the name of the server or the restaurant the server is working at, so it’s all anonymous.  Each week during the campaign, Preaching Christ Church will randomly choose a server who has shared his or her story on the website to receive a Food City gift card that can be redeemed for groceries or gas.  Every server who contributes will receive a written, emailed apology from the church.

The website will wrap up on Easter Sunday when his congregation will all dine out after service.  On that day, they are encouraged to double their tip and let servers know that they’re appreciated.  Robert hopes Sundays Are the Worst will change the stereotype of church attendees under-tipping.  Roberts said PCC plans to continue the campaign again next year, but expand it to include other retail establishments whose employees work on Sundays.

After reading some of the server comments on the site, I can see why servers and cooks at restaurants dread the Sunday church crowd.  Next time you go out to eat at a restaurant, please remember to tip your servers a good amount!  They depend on these tips to survive.  Pastor Chad Roberts got the idea to start the site after seeing another pastor not tip anything and saying “I give God 10%, why do you get 18%?”  I hope you get a chance to go to the Sundays Are The Worst site and read some of these stories!

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